Sunday, August 31, 2008


For those of you in the U.S, we are celebrating a long weekend for "labor day"; for everyone else, "farewell" to another prosperous summer full of wonderful memories. To enhance memory, especially long-term, program some Amber. This is a wonderful natural tree resin that captures the memories of milleniums gone by in its golden splendor.

Friday, August 29, 2008

CRYSTALS: Constipation

Releasing emotional (which in turn causes physical) constipation is a matter of focusing in on the stomach area, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is our emotional centers. When we feel emotions, we feel them here "in the pit of our stomach"....when there is an energy blockage here, you will feel frustrated, congested, like the world is squeezing in around you.

You may have heard of the increasingly popular "stomach massage" used by energy masseurs to release tension in this area. You can achieve a similar effect on your own by using Fluorite crystals. Fluorite is great for digestion, calming the nerves and healing of the Solar Plexus chakra. I use a Fluorite Massage Wand, it is smooth and you can roll it over the stomach like a rolling pin. Other crystals and shapes can be used as well as long as you clean, charge and program the crystal for relieving the congestion in your Solar Plexus area.

Ultimately, we want to achieve a balanced emotional state, and this starts with opening up the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy that lies around and within our stomach.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CRYSTALS: Obsidian

QUESTION: Hi! I'm really interested in the engergy properties in stones/crystals. My husband is starting massage therapy and they're learning about energy. I want to make him a necklace. I just purchased a fluorite stone for the centerpice to keep him from absorbing other energy (he seems to have a problem of getting everyones evergy) What are some other stones to go with this to help him stay focused and heal others? Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email.

You are right to use Fluorite for his focusing, however, what we have found (from doing many crystal healing sessions with clients) is OBSIDIAN to be the BEST crystal to transmute the clients' negativity to positive energy. This way we don't feel so drained after the healing session because our auras do not absorb the negativity coming out. I would HIGHLY suggest buying some Obsidian for him to wear, hold or keep near him while healing.

I usually wear Obsidian bracelets or pendants or I hold a large slab in the hand I am not actively using. But, since's he's doing massage, it's best for him to wear it or have a large piece near his massage table (or even underneath it).

Thanks for your question,
Sheila Satin: Crystal Healer


a word about jet: this deceptively lightweight black fossilized waterlogged wood crystal has been regarded as a magical crystal for thousands of years. great for protecting the home (this is what i used to protect the corners of my new apartment) and against "black magic".

CRYSTALS: Keeping Charge

QUESTION: How Can I keep my stones charged. I'm moving from my home. It has bad energy or something. But until than, my stones drain quickly. They are very powerful when I first get them though.

ANSWER: When I read your email, I could feel the drain and void in your home. I highly suggest doing a crystal healing ritual to cleanse out your next home to avoid such a drain. I performed such a ritual when moving into my current home because I knew a lot of negativity was present; the former owner was a recluse who left all the shutters down and was eventually evicted!

In any case, to keep your stones charged in the meanwhile, I "see" you using either dry sea salt or dry brown rice in a covered box or closed case with Quartz points. I normally recommend just the salt or rice, but in your case, I definitely "see" Quartz points enhancing and retaining the energy of your crystals' charge. I would leave them covered in your situation until you want to wear/use them.

Sheila Satin

CRYSTALS: Psychic Attacks

I have had several inquiries about psychic attacks this week. Psychic attacks are when others, knowingly or unknowingly, send bad thoughts your way. They can also be known as Psychic vampires, the ones who leech and drain you of your positive energy, leaving you lethargic and weak. Usually this is done subconsciously, where the person is feeding off your energies just because it's there and they have so much negavity (usually in the department of complaints) that it's easy for them to overwhelm you...if you are not protected.

First of all, I highly recommend Carnelian to ward of psychic attacks. Clean, charge and program your crystal for this purpose. If you know WHO is attacking you, then make an extra notation in your programming including their name.

I would also suggest Third Eye Agates meant to protect against the "evil eye" (aka: others sending evil thoughts towards you, curses, etc)...I have one Third Eye Agate I made into a necklace to wear (as seen in the photo above), and I also take custom orders on my etsy store if you're looking for something specific.

Or you, can just keep loose Third eye Agates in your pocket or large ones in your home or office.

CRYSTALS: Feeling Them

QUESTION: Sheila, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my email. As usual, very informative and I'm beginning to feel the difference . . . rather, the effects of my crystals (i.e., "turning negative feelings to positive, etc.") and it's quite amazing.

I used to consult with Feng Shui Masters and was told that I have a "3rd eye." I was encouraged to practice guided meditation but I've always been afraid that I might lose myself "in between." There are so many things I still don't understand but yes, I'm always willing to learn more . . . the good things.

Yes, I recently joined your
social network and too bad I didn't get a chance to join you last week for the session in Placentia. Since it's quite a distance from where I live, I was afraid to drive alone especially when I'm not familiar with the area. But don't worry, I will try next time.

My aventurine wand has been soaking in brown rice for two days now. You mentioned that I can use it on my chakras (on my heart lying down). I thought it's not advisable to heal yourself. Am I supposed to feel something? Is it safe to do it even when I'm alone? I know you're very busy but would you be so kind to guide me on this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I'm so happy that I met you!

ANSWER: I am happy to hear that you are appreciating the positive aspects of your crystals, allowing them to turn negative to something good!

You are correct, everyone has a "3rd eye". This is located at our foreheads in between our physical eyes. The third eye is where our mental energy lies. It's where we receive ideas and implement them. It is also where the energy lies of our psychic powers (and YES, we all have psychic powers, it's just a question fo how developed they are!) and connection to all of our senses (including our 6th sense - intuition). When the time is right for you, will be begin to understand that you can never get "lost" in meditation. In essence this would mean you are losing yourself to yourself. Perhaps this conundrum is solved by the path of enlightenment, for you can only find yourself when you let go of all your fears, doubts and control...

Knowing you are not yet ready for mind work, this is a great time for you to start working with crystals. Crystals are a physical form of positive energy, easier to work with and comprehend than the mere power of our minds. Essentially, crystals are amplifying our own energies and aiding us in self-healing, which takes me to your next answer: You are the only one who can heal yourself. You may have read that it is not advisable to use a generator wand to open your own chakras, but this is only in the case of generator wands and only when you are using it to open the chakra energies in a specific crystal healing manner. This does NOT mean that you should not use crystals to heal yourself. On the contrary, when you are being "healed" by a healer, they are only guiding you to heal yourself.

Everything we do we can not do without our own intentions. If you are in a certain state of mind, no one will be able to change you but yourself. If you are centered and balanced, no one can put doubt in your mind, no matter how hard they try.

Am I supposed to feel something? The answer is that there is no answer here. Some people feel much stronger than others because they are much more sensitive and open to energies than others who have shut themselves off to the magic of the universe at an early age. The important thing is that don't stop just because you don't feel anything. Crystals are working on your energy level and may not get to your physical body for sensations right away! Just like you can't SEE the energy around you, you may not yet be able to FEEL them.

On the other hand, many people do feel something. Some people will feel a tingling sensation, heat, pressure, emotions rising, some people cry, some people let go....You may feel off-centered for a few days while your bio-chemistry is shifting back to a positive state. The most important thing is that KNOW you are working with a positive energy and be grateful for its presence.

Working with crystals when you are alone is the best time. It is like meditating, you don't need any distractions. Allow yourself to focus on whatever you have programmed the crystal to do.

If you have further questions, feel free to email me again! I enjoy helping you with your crystal related questions! As for driving to Placentia for the classes or the weekly Thursday healing circle, perhaps you can make a note that you want to come and if someone is coming from your area you can carpool!


CRYSTALS: Aventurine Doubleterminator

QUESTION: Sheila, thank you very much for shipping my aventurine wand so quickly. It's beautiful! Now that I have it, since I can't or it's not advisable for me to cleanse my chakra by myself and right now, I don't have any of my friends familiar with the process and not believe in them (due to lack of knowledge), can you please tell me how else I can benefit from owning a green aventurine wand?

Being on disability, I would like to enhance or improve my finances. I've been reading your affirmations (the 30 day sessions) and so far I have citrine and aventurine wands, I'm still not confident about doing the affirmations (on each chakra) for 30 days. Help!!! I need some tips on the right way of perhaps communicating with my crystals and/or feeling their vibrations.

I think one of my difficulties is convincing myself that my crystals are genuine. Before I met you by purchasing crystals from your store, I started doubting some of the crystals I previously purchased from other stores. Is there any way I can tell or know that what I have are real?

Also, by accident, I ended up purchasing a so-called aventurine prayer bracelet. The bracelet looked and felt like plastic but didn't bother returning it due to the shipping fee (although they claimed that it's genuine) I would have ended up spending even more than what I originally paid for so I have it and tried to cleanse it in my bowl of brown rice.

Can I use both citrine and aventurine at the same time (one in each hand) when doing my affirmations? Is it recommended to do affirmations in the mornings or can I do them in the evenings as well just in case I cannot meditate in the morning? Thank you so much for your help.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email. You can definitely use your new wand for the money multiplier practice and calling in abundance in general. It is also great to keep with you to use as a receiver of positive energy and transmuter of negativity because it is double terminated.

To work on your own chakras, this is an excellent wand you can lie with placed on your
HEART (green is the color of the heart chakra) and allow the wand to do its healing this way.

You can definitely use both Citrine and Aventurine together. As you will see by reading my money multiplier blog, I used several different crystals according to my whims of the day. And I practiced any time that was convenient to me, so it does not matter if it's morning or night, everyone has different preferences.

Everything is intuitive, meaning, you have to trust your instincts. It sounds like you still have a lot of doubts, which most of us have, but the fact that you are asking these quesstions an willing to be open-minded, is a step in the right direction! I did not believe in energies or that beyond the physical realm until a few years ago when I started to work the crystalls. The most difficult step was to let go of doubt.

Think of it this way: everything you think is true CAN be false. Everything you think is false, CAN be true... this will really open your way of thinking. And then, as you begin to work with crystals, focus on the positive, not the things that are NOT working, but the positive things that ARE being attracted into you life.

Like everything in our world, nothing is instant, especially when you are entering into this new field of thinking, give yourself time and TRUST...

If you have any other questions related to crystals, I am happy to help you or you can visit past posts at (you can even subscribe to it via email) and if you have not yet joined, a very beneficial group for beginning healers is our social neetwork of metaphysically minded people:

Oh, and about knowing which crystals are real and which are fake, you can only be 100% sure if you take it to a gemologist who studies these things, but when working with popular every day crystals like Aventurine, you will come to know it by and by yourself, or ask someone who has been working with them for a long time - maybe take it to a crystal shop or healer in your area. Sometimes you will find that crystals are genuine but mixed with some other medium such a resin to make it cheaper or appear smoother, so there are a lot of different varieties of the stone. Even Aventurine comes naturally in many shades and many gradees (some are much more white, some are rich green), as long as you are attracted to it, I wouldn't worry about it too much. In the big picture it is all the power of your own mind and your level of comfort with what you are doing and what you are working with.

Have a bountiful week,
Sheila Satin :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ETSY: Bee Bracelet

For the first "Etsy Honeybee Helpers Team" challenge, appropriately themed "bee," I have entered a Rutilated Quartz Bee bracelet with the positive affirmation, "Thank you for the honeybees"...Rutilated Quartz helps to get to the root of the problem, and right now the honeybees need our help for their survival.

Monday, August 25, 2008

EVENT: Healing Circle Weekly

My mother, Ann Satin, has just begun a weekly Thursday healing circle in Orange County, California for those who want to be healed and connect with healers. You will also be using crystals in the one-hour circle. The event is free, and details can be found at

CRYSTALS: Tooth Pain

QUESTION: Hi Sheila,Can you suggest me crystals to reduce pain from tooth decay? Thank you for your help! :)
ANSWER: Hi, I would definitely use Aquamarine. I used this crystal actually when i was in India doing the hypnotherapy courses and had a severe tooth aches for several days due to wisdom teeth growing in. It helped me greatly. I would just press the Aquamarine slab crystal on the area of the pain (over my mouth) or I made gem elixirs to drink it. In your case, gem elixirs and also wearing the crystal in this area would be helpful.

To make a gem elixir, clean, charge and program your crystal for what you want it to do. Then, leave the crystal in the water for a few hours either in the sunlight or moonlight. Remove the crystal and drink the water, remembering what you programmed it for.

Additionally, you can use the same crystal and place it under your pillow when sleeping at night.

Let me know how it goes and if you need some more advice! This was a great pain saver during my tooth problems, but there are also other crystals people use if it turns out that Aquamarine is not for you!

Your friend,
Sheila :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FEATURE: Artist Scarves

Artist Jeanne Tracey makes beautiful hand-painted silk scarves through the aid of intuition, dreams and positive energy. She gets to know the wearer and will customize according to your preferences. I rarely wear them, but when these two personalized scarves arrived, I was impressed by their cool, colorful, creativity and I love to wear them for fashion and fun.

In them I can feel time, love and the space in between...

Monday, August 18, 2008


After breaking my negative thought patterns with money through the "money multiplier" practice, I have decided to purse the "health multiplier". I will begin this practice for 30 days starting September 1. If you would like to join me, make sure to have your Labradorite and Red Jasper crystals cleaned, programmed and charged. If you want to do it on your own, here are the basic guidelines: Health Multiplier Practice

Friday, August 15, 2008

CRYSTALS: Heart Healing

I have included a new passage on healing the heart chakra with crystals. You can find the information here:

*Crystal Hearts are an excellent shape to place over your heart when doing these crystal layouts. They have the energy of the crystal, they are smooth and flat to place on your body and they remind you of your focus: your heart!

SALE: Crystal Wands

We are having a 10% off assorted, one of a kind, crystal wands just for the week!

Wands are multi-functional: great for massage, accupressure, energy healing, aura cleansing, reiki, house cleansing, opening the chakras, meditation. Read more about it at and watch the crystal tutorials while you're at it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


QUESTION: Sheila, are you still doing your money multiplier? I need to get with that program again. Could I repeat the stuff in your blog?

ANSWER: I am no longer actively practicing the money multiplier every day, but I do have it ingrained in my energy field after the month of practice! You can definitely follow what I did by searching "money multiplier" on the top bar of my blog, or here is a direct link to all of the entries:

I would highly suggest blogging about it every day to keep yourself on track!

I am now waiting for inspiration to hit on a new monthly crystal practice, so stay tuned!!

Sheila Satin :)

CRYSTALS: Out of Control Lives!

QUESTION: Sheila, Thanks so much for your reply and offer....good golly, what isn't going on in my life would be soooo much easier. I am still dealing with the grief of my mother's passing 9 years ago, I have had to put my father in an assisted living facility and try to flip his house to sell, my husband is now on his second deployment in 22 months, my best friend who is living with us (for the past 7 years) is in the hospital with a severe kidney infection...she's also had spinal surgery 4 years ago which makes mobility (and her desire to move out) difficult, I have 2 small children (2 and 4), am settling two estates, am estranged from most of my family....can you feel the stress mounting??? We've also just gone through some financial difficulites lately with the military screwing up pay, banks humiliating me......well, you get the gist.

I guess I've just come to my breaking point. The therapy and pills are no longer working, I've gained weight instead of losing it, I can't keep a straight thought in my head and no longer want to get out of bed but just stay under the covers all day. I think the only thing that keeps me moving is the kids. I've gone through herniated discs, degenerative discs, migraine headaches, tension headaches, all over aches, insomnia, nightmares, extreme fatigue, lack of motivation, acne, indigestion....I'm just a time bomb waiting to go off. I figure Wicca and healing stones are perhaps my last chance at regaining some control over my life which seems to so desperately put me in a tailspin.

Any wisdom that you could impart on putting me back on a good path would be most appreciative. What do I need? Well, I've lost my identity, self-confidence, sexual desire, happiness, health, wealth, anything positive (generally I was a positive person), hope, any sense of inner peace, no creativity or willingness to make a decision. I'd definitely say that balance is not something present in my life right now. If there is a way to be completely screwed up, I think I'm there.

BTW- is there a recommended way of storing the stones (i.e. regenerative box, velvet bags, separated, etc.)? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hello, I can feel the mounting stress in your email account of your current situation. This can happen from time to time and in the end it's how we look at the situations that help us to overcome them and learn from them. You have obviously pre-chosen these events in planning your current life in order for you to overcome and learn certain lessons, whatever they may personally to you...Once you've accepted these events, which I feel you have, let them be. Realize that they are not YOU. They are outside occurences you will deal with in due time.

The important thing now is to focus on yourself. I am getting a sense that you have let these situations sweep away any sense of your individuality. Think of your happy times, carefree, and think of who you used to be, just you, yourself. This is what we are going to try to recapture.

So in all of this chaos, I strongly suggest taking 15 minutes each day. Even as little as 5 minutes a day at first to ease into it...Take these few minutes to lie in a crystal grid. You can do this lying in bed or on a sheet on the floor. For your personally, I would focus on your Crown Chakra, which is connecting you to Universal Energy. Yours personally is probably blocked or in chaos. We want it to be rotating in a large clockwise motion. I would suggest surrounding your body with Moonstone (a calm, feminine, introspective energy)...You can use tumbled stones or any other forms, place them evenly around your lying body. At the Crown - a few inches from the top of your head, place either White Agate, Selenite or Apophyllite (the bigger the better). Place Howlite at your Solar Plexus Chakra (a few inches above the navel) for weight control. Place Rose Quartz over your Heart for self-love and opening to Divine Love of the Universe.

Lie, closing your eyes. I would even suggest placing a pair of ULEXITE crystals over the eyes for clarity and reconnecting with your purpose in the universe. Breathe deeply and evenly, allowing these few minutes for yourself only. If worries stray into your thoughts, gently push them aside. If your thoughts stray, gently focus them on the crystals around you. Imagine yourself in a big light of healing Moonstone, focus on the crystal at your crown, connecting you to your Higher Self, the Angels and the Universe.

Remember to clean, charge and program your crystals before and after every healing use. You can store them in a pouch, box or piece of cloth, the storage is not as important as the cleaning.

Try out this initial layout and let me know how it goes.

Sheila Satin

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CRYSTALS: Clarity & Courage

QUESTION: Hi Sheila! A belated congratulations on your one year anniversary! I have a crystal question or am looking for crystal advice i guess :) Lately i've been very stressed out and overwhelmed with work and feeling depressed, maybe because of all the stress, and feel kind of like i'm questioning everything in life, where i am, if this is the job i want, regrets about what i haven't done with my life...wanting to change and express myself but feeling "stuck" inside of myself or unsure how to express myself. Feeling kind of lost and like i'm drifting. Maybe it's all a result of the stress of work, but i feel like i can't even think straight. Are there certain crystals that would be good to help with clarity and self expression and knowing yourself? Also overcoming fear and helping to just be yourself i guess? If you have any thoughts i'd love to know if you have any ideas. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer! I really like the new site you and your family have :)

ANSWER: Hi dear friend, thanks for your email. It was actually only our one month anniversary of our social network! It does seem like a year though with all of the positive activity!

I was "sleeping" on your question last night and this is what came to me...It's best if you start a one month ritual like I did with the money multiplier practice. This way it will help you to focus and really ingrain the crystal energies and affirmations into your body. I "saw" you lying down with a piece of Fluorite Crystal on your Third Eye (right at your forehead), Quartz points or just one piece of Quartz at your Crown (right above your head), holding Bloodstone crystals in your hands and wearing or placing a piece of Tigers Eye at your Heart.

Fluorite is for focus and concentrating. It has a very organized and collected energy, which you need right now for your Mental Chakra, which sounds like it is in chaos. Chaotic energy leaves you feeling confused, stressed and frustrated because you can not find a way to zero in on the solution to your problems. Quartz is an energy enhancer and working with Quartz at your Crown Chakra will help to connect you to your path in this universe. Our paths are clearly laid out, but as earthly humans, we allow mundane things to distract us and make our paths a blur...

I would suggest a Fluorite Slab or any flat Fluorite that you can place on your forehead comfortably. For Quartz, I really see you working with pointed crystals, with the points pointed towards your body, allowing the universal energy to flow into your aura.

Bloodstone is a stone of courage and sacrifice. This crystal often sacrifices its own colors to its patients, so you may see a change in color if you are really lacking in this energy. It is also a great circulator of blood, detoxifying your body and organs. I see you holding Bloodstone balls or eggs in your hands. If not, you can even use small tumbled pieces, but as usual, the bigger the better. Meaning as big as you can get without it being cumbersome.

Tigers Eye is another stone of courage and confidence. It is also a great business crystal, so if you're working with problems having to do with your job, this is a great on in allowing you to come to terms with what you really want to do and then giving you this confident energy to make it happen. When doing this layout, you can have a piece of Tigers Eye on your Heart, but I also recommend wearing some Tigers Eye jewelry during the day if possible. If not, then keeping a piece in your pocket to hold when you need to.

And, of course, you will first clean, charge and program all of these crystals before use. Set a start date and commit yourself to practicing this maybe 2-5 minutes each day with a strong positive affirmation. For example, you could say "Thank you for giving me clarity of mind and the confidence to pursue my dreams" You would, of course, alter the affirmation to whatever makes sense to you. Keep repeating it mentally or out loud. You can even make other positive affirmations as you go along. Intuition will take over. Every practice session will be different. You could even start a blog on your practice. That is what helped keep me motivated on my money multiplier practice, knowing that others were waiting to hear how and what I did each day. If you don't have a blog, you can start one right on your profile, where there are plenty of others interested in your success!

If you have further questions, I'm happy to answer them for you!
Sheila :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

CRYSTALS: Abundance Quartz

QUESTION: I wonder if you can help me. I am having kinesiology treatment and have been told to wear an 'Abundance' crystal, but I am unsure if there is such a thing. The picture in the book showed what looks like a clear quartz cluster. I found your crystal by searching 'abundance crystal', can you tell me what you mean by this quartz cluster having 'abundance crystals' with it? I would be most grateful for any info. Thanks very much.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. Abundance crystals are smaller crystal points growing from the same base as the main big Quartz crystals!
So, these clusters can come in various forms, wearing one you'd need a pendant form, but a cluster you can have by your side during treatment (if it's allowed)or after for healing purposes.

Drusy Quartz are also known as abundance Quartz crystals. These are tiny microscopic crystals that grow naturally on a host crystal. These can often come as pendants to wear!

Sheila :)

CRYSTALS: Substitutions

QUESTION: Sheila I have enjoyed your Video - BUT, I need some clarification upon Crystal Healing. Is it permisable to substitute a Lemurian Seed Crystal Quartz Wand and an Obsidian Onyx Chip Necklace.

ANSWER: Thank you for your question and for watching my crystal healing tutorial video! As mentioned before, the tutorial is but a guideline of suggested crystals and ones I myself prefer to use. However, each healer will be different.
A lemurian seed crystal is a perfect substitute to a Quartz Generator wand and an Obsidian Onyx Necklace is a great substitute for holding an Obsidian Slab. You just want to make sure you are protected in some way, whether wearing a piece of jewelry, holding it or having a large black crystal near you in the healing area! (pictured is a Mahogany Obsidian Flower).
Trust your intuition and you will excel in crystal healing!

CRYSTALS: Selenite Caves

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, my 11 year old granddaughter is very attracted to my selenite pieces. I have several. I recall looking at some pictures from Mexico of a huge selenite find that you had on one of your sites shortly after I joined. Can you tell me how to access that again? I have searched, and I have typed in selenite in the photos search box but nothing comes up. I feel my granddaughter's attraction to this stone is a very significant part of her future. I am very attracted to it as well...that's why I have several pieces. Also, I have heard that selenite doesn't have to be cleaned, it holds no negativity and clean other crystals as does crystal quartz. Is this true? Thank you so much for your work in this exciting awareness of crystals.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. To find old posts, you actually have to go to the forums. Older topics tend to get hidden away as more people start posting new topics: Here you can do a search for Selenite or here is the direct link to the slideshow that my mom had posted about the Naica Caves in Mexico:
And, you are correct, Selenite does not hold negativity. Like Quartz clusters, it is able to clean other crystals of negative energies and does not cleaning itself!
Sheila :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

BOOK: Incredibly Believable

If you haven't read Incredibly Believable yet, time is approaching and energies are's what one recent reader wrote in:
I recently purchased this book from you. I received it yesterday and from the moment I opened the packaging and perused the contents I was drawn into it. I didn't put the thing down till several hours later when I'd finally finished it! (I hardly ever get through books, let alone all in one night!)

I just want to thank you and your father for the amazing work you do in regards to the raising of our global conciousness. This is the BEST book I have found regarding the shift which includes details of how life will actually be in the 4th dimension.

EVENT: Artisan Fair (S.Calif)

Come visit me in person at the Artisan Fair on Saturday for handmade crystal healing items....or, save your gas and buy from me online: custom orders accepted! What energy do you need to wear?

CRYSTALS: Sore Throat

I have had this annoying cough all week. And as things go, sometimes I don't actively pursue a healing regimen, figuring my body will take care of curing itself and being generally distracted by other pursuits.

Finally, last night, my throat became sore, so I picked up and programmed a raw Quartz point to heal my sore throat. I held the faceted point towards my throat and allowed the energy of the Master Healer crystal to do its work.

Quartz is a great crystal in correcting the source of misalignment in our auras. I could actually feel a rush of energy flowing from the crystal to my throat. I may have imagined it, but this is where you must always start, TRUST in what you're feeling.

After five minutes of holding this crystal in place, I put it back down, not expecting to feel anything. Gradually a warm, tingly sensation developed and swirled in my throat. I felt like I had just taken a cough drop, the way the chemeicals feels when they are curing a sore throat. I was mildly amazed of the similarity of Quartz to a Cough Drop.
This sensation lasted a good few minutes, and I knew that I was on the road to returning to a perfectly balanced Throat Chakra.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CRYSTALS: Abundance All-encompassing

QUESTION: Sheila, I thank you so very much for your reply. Just like what I previously mentioned, I have a citrine wand and an aventurine merkaba. First, is it okay to use a citrine wand when reciting my affirmation? Also, according to some descriptions that came with the stones, a merkaba is supposed to be a "powerful one." Not quite sure what it means. Can I use a merkaba to do my affirmations in the mornings or do I have to have a pyramid one? Can I also use a citrine cluster for my affirmation?Thank you very much for everything.

Thank you for your questions. It is okay to use any crystal you are comfortable with.

Everything that I do and everything that you read in crystal healing books are only a guideline. You should take what you like from these guides and make them your own. In the end, it is you who has to feel right with the crystals and shapes you choose.

As mentioned in my money multiplier practice, every week I did use different types of crystals; whatever was available, whatever invoked my fancy and whatever felt right for the activity I was pursuing - for example, when I was lying down, it was easier to use flat slabs, when I was exercising, spheres and eggs were easier to hold, when standing or sitting the wand was perfect to use. As long as the focus is the same and you have programmed these crystals for this purpose, rest assured that they will manfiest your desires.

So, don't limit yourself. Like abundance, be open to ALL possibilities.

We are abundance, my friend. We just have to remember this again.

Sheila Satin :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today marks the 1 Month Anniversary of Satin Crystals' social network!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

CRYSTALS: Sphere Sale

Spheres are the most uniform shape in the universe, allowing the energy of the crystal to emanate evenly through all surfaces. Great for group harmony. Place on a ring in a healing room for past life regressions. Hold for meditation, massage, crystal healing, reiki, etc...

We are having a 15% off most crystal spheres in our store for a few more days! Others you will find starting at cost prices in auctions! Crystal balls come in a variety of stones, are smooth, solid and polished, ready for healing work!


After 30 days of practicing the crystal money multiplier, my old thought patterns about money are crumbling.

Financial aspects of life has been my one stressball since hitting adulthood, but with the help of abundance crystals, power of affirmations and spending time to reflect on the issue, I have found the comfort in knowing that lack is self-created.

You must spend to receive. Don't be afraid to give. Allow the abundance to flow. There is no happiness without healthy circulation. Monitor your thoughts and turn the negative into positive. The rich think undoubtably rich.

Growing up, my dad loved using the phrase "the money is coming," as he went from one new venture to another. Now, we have altered the phrase to "the money is here."
30 days later, summer is in full swing, heading high speed towards my much-anticipated 30th birthday. I am now signed up with a wonderful holistic PR firm, have refreshed my motivation to keep up the online listings, seeing significant growth in memberships on our social network , creating more original crystal pieces than ever. The the vision of my mansion is becoming clearer and clearer.
I have ingrained into my thoughts and my being that I am Abundance!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

CRYSTALS: Grounding Anklets

To keep yourself grounded to physical reality (rather than spaced out), anklets are ideal! Smoky Quartz anklets are especially useful because of their grounding energies, connecting your energies to the physical earth. Smoky Quartz is a clear brown tinted Quartz crystal and anklets are an ideal location for grounding jewelry!

Friday, August 1, 2008

CRYSTALS: Joint Pain

QUESTION: What crystal would you recommend for joint pain, and how should I prepare it? I’m going to give this a try.

ANSWER: Resolving to give it a try is the first step to regaining control of your own health. There are several crystals effective for joint pain. I would recommend using Selenite to relieve any pains followed by Mochi Balls to strengthen the bones.

Selenite you can use any form that is comfortable for you to hold or place on the affected area. For example, a client of mine had sprained his wrist, which was wrapped in bandages, so we swept the energy around his wrist with a Selenite wand. We then inserted a thin Selenite wand inside of the bandages, and whenever he could, he would place the crystal there to relieve the pain.

It may be helpful to imagine the pain as the color red; the color of our body in the physical world. Imagine Selenite as the healing white light of the universe, absorbing and melting away this red pain.

Selenite may be all you need. If not, proceed with Mochi Balls. Mochi Balls are rich Hematite concretions also known as Shaman Stones. These have been much sought after stones by my clients who have arthritis. They rub it over their weakened bones to strengthen the energy, grounding it back to the core of the earth. In this case, it's easy to imagine the bones/joints hardening and strengthening like the solid brown Mochi Ball.

Another client of mine used these two crystals to strengthen her knees after knee surgery. She's been dancing well before doctor-prescribed time!

You may use any form of Selenite you choose - wand, slab, heart, eggs, balls. Mochi Balls come in only one form. Selenite will absorb in water, so choose another cleaning method for this crystal. Clean, charge and program the crystals before using!

Again, time and frequency will be up to your intuition (your trust in your own instincts), how long you have had the pain and how strong is your willpower to heal. Main thing is, don't worry about it, just begin...

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Chaos & Clutter

When your mind is unfocused, drowning in the chaos of every day life, allow the structural energies of a pyramid to clear your mind. Quartz pyramids are especially great to clarify your mind. Fluorite pyramids help you to focus on what is important.

1. After cleaning, charging and programming either one for focus, place them on your desk.

2. Make a list of priorities - the things that are important to you in this life at this particular time.

3. Keep it short, below 10 main priority points.

4. Once you have your list, try to strengthen each one of these items. For example, if "best friends" are on your list, focus on the best friends that are in your life now. Think of ways you can strengthen your bonds. Don't worry about reaching out to new friends. Clear your address book of mere acquaintances.

Simple feng shui tells us to clear the clutter in our physical surroundings and to clear the clutter of our minds. Allow natural crystal pyramids to aid you in this simple philosophy that can get so complicated when our minds are in chaos.