Monday, January 28, 2013

Focus on One Chakra at a time...

If you need to focus on balancing a particular chakra, I would suggest using crystal healing sets created for this specific purpose. For example, If you are in need of clearing out your heart to love energies, you will want to use a Heart Chakra Set. You can grid your heart with the healing crystals like pictured above. You can create heart chakra jewelry with the crystals (best worn over the heart). You can hold the healing crystals to meditate and manifest on opening and balancing the heart chakra.

We also have crystal healing sets specifically focused for the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. 

If you want general balance of all the chakras, I would suggest purchasing a crystal healing box set. Once you know which of your chakras, which correspond to major areas of your life, that are in need of vital healing, you can focus on these to balance your life back to a health!

Sheila Satin

I Dig Crystals

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chakra Box Sets - Restocked!

A fresh stock of Chakra Box Sets have been created at I Dig Crystals. These are all one-of-kind, natural healing crystals selected to correspond with each of the seven major chakras. For example, pictured in the above chakra set you will find:

Clear Quartz: Crown Chakra: Spiritual Balance
Purple Amethyst: Third Eye Chakra: Mental Balance
Blue Sodalite: Throat Chakra: Communication Balance
Pink Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra: Love Balance
Yellow Jasper: Solar Plexus Chakra: Emotional Balance
Orange Carnelian: Sacral Chakra: Sexual Balance
Red Jasper: Root Chakra: Physical Balance

These chakra healing sets come in I Dig Crystals brown kraft boxes for portability. You can even replace the cotton insert for dry brown rice or sea salt, which will keep your crystals energetically charged!

Sheila Satin 
I Dig Crystals

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Money Corner Crystals

In Feng Shui, the money corner of your home, desk or space is the farthest left corner. This special Abundance set is focused for this Money corner. Attract wealth and secure financial stability with Bloodstone, Aventurine, Citrine and Jet. Bloodstone is a stone for retaining wealth, Aventurine is the most popular abundance stone, Citrine is known for cash flow and black Jet helps to maintain finances.

Besides placing these crystals in your Feng Shui money corner, you can also use them for healing layouts, grids and meditation.


I Dig Crystals

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Colors of Calcite

Calcite is a renaissance crystal, coming in many colors, formations and textures. Here you can see Green Calcite, Translucent Blue, opaque blue and red Calcite. These are the waxy formations of Calcite. Calcite is a great crystal to collect in every color to place on each chakra for healing. It is a relatively cheap crystal that you can have a whole collection of Calcite in your healing collection. Collect the many colors of Calcite in raw minerals, tumbled stones, jewelry and polished crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brilliant Benitoite - California State Gemstone

Gem quality Benitoite is only found in San Benito County in California. This brilliant blue crystal is also California's state gemstone. We have acquired 3 of these rare Benitoite clusters here at I Dig Crystals.

In crystal healing, Benitoite is used to better communicate with those around you. It is also used for higher communication when communicating with other realms, beings and your higher self. It is a powerful stone to open and balance the Throat chakra.

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals

Healing through Acceptance & Understanding

Heal and balance your mental energy through our one-of-kind, crystal healing Acceptance Set. This set includes pink Rose Quartz stones which can be programmed to open up the heart to better give and receive love energy. Rose Quartz opens up your heart to appreciate all of the beauty surrounding your life.

Dalmatian Jasper is an eccentric stone and reminds us to see diversity as an enriching part of life. It teaches you tolerance, acceptance and light-hearted fun. 

I Dig Crystals

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Manifest with Abundance Stones.

Attract abundance into your life with these new crystal healing stones. Aventurine is a popular crystal to invoke any kind of abundance you are seeking. Program Aventurine's energies for money, wealth, happiness, or whatever you want to focus on! Citrine is also known as the Merchant Stone, as it flows with the energy of cash in the universe.

Meditate or manifest with these green  Aventurine and yellow Citrine slabs to help you invoke the abundance you desire. 


I Dig Crystals

Clarity & Intuition Crystal Sets

Clear the tension in your physical eyes and expand the awareness in your third eye with these Clarity and Intuition crystal healing sets.

The Clarity set includes two Ulexite slabs to place over the eyelids and suck out tension in the eyes and one raw purple Lepidolite Mica slab to release tension from the Third eye. Place the Lepidolite crystal in the middle of your forehead, where your Third Eye chakra is located to aid in releasing tension caused by overanalyzing. Clear the way for solutions to arrive!

The Intuition set includes two Ulexite slabs for the eyes and one blue Kyanite blade. The raw blue Kyanite crystal is excellent in opening the Third Eye so you can better trust your instincts. Access your intuition and clear out the doubts of the conscious mind!

Both of these crystal healing sets are limited-edition and can be found at I Dig Crystals. 


I Dig Crystals

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dolphin Spirit Guides

Dolphin, known as the king of fish would be kind, gracious rulers of their kingdom. Dolphins remind us to focus on qualities like generosity, playfulness, harmony, intelligence and friendship. Dolphins live a dual life as both fish and mammal, thus transcending the strict confines of either of these categories and harmonizing the two worlds. Dolphins are much more evolved than many of us humans in terms of spirituality, brotherhood and love.

Meditate with Dolphin spirit guides in mind and surround yourself with Dolphin representations to connect with this loving spiritual energy that the gentle creatures emit. 


I Dig Crystals

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Selenite Towers of Rivendale

If the Elven land of Rivendale were recreated in crystals, these Selenite towers would capture the magnificence of the fantasy world. These are raw white Selenite crystals, polished to stand upright and roughly carved to a point. These iridescent white Selenite towers will transport you to a magical land.

Buy Selenite crystals at I Dig Crystals


I Dig Crystals

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sunrise Agate in Roaring Fire

Agate is a versatile stone that comes in many different colors. It almost always includes intriguing bands and patterns within the stone. This Yellow and Orange Agate pendant (as seen above) is particularly mesmerizing as it reminds us of the sunrise. This particular Sunrise Agate is polished into a smooth oval shape and securely bound in a black threaded macramé pendant frame. Our Sunrise Agate Pendant was also featured in the Bonanza Handpicked Artist List, Roaring Fire.

Click here to purchase this one of a kind Sunrise Agate pendant while it remains on I Dig Crystals. 


I Dig Crystals

Pendulums moving over chakras

Question: Hi i dont know much about chakras and reiki etc. but im looking to get my girlfriend a pendant as i know she has been after one for a while. I was wondering can you use any kind of pendant to see whether or not your chakras are open, as will they all move if placed over an open chakra? Thanks.

Answer: Hi, I believe you are seeking a pendulum for your girlfriend rather than a pendant? Placing pendulums over the chakras will help to determine if they are open or blocked. We recommend using Quartz or Rose Quartz pendulums for this kind of chakra diagnosis, however, many healers will use different types of pendulums for the same purpose. If you are unsure, I would stick with the Quartz family for its accuracy in measuring energies.

Click here for our latest crystal healing pendulum selection and if you need a particular one, email us! 

Sheila Satin 
I Dig Crystals

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Product! Crystal Healing Eggs

We introduce a new product to the I Dig Crystals collection: Crystal Healing Eggs! Natural crystals are polished into smooth egg shapes. These shapes fit perfectly in the palms for crystal healing, reiki, meditation and chakra balancing. Crystal Healing eggs come in all kinds of crystals and sizes. Be on the lookout for an expansion in our crystal healing egg collection! 

I Dig Crystals

New Crystal Healing Clusters

We have just processed a whole new batch of unique, one of a kind crystal healing clusters. Clusters make great natural, feng shui displays for the home and office. You can also use crystal healing clusters to energetically charge your jewelry and other crystals, as the crystal points are constantly circulating fresh energy around the stone. We found some brilliant healing clusters this trip, including a rare blue Fluorite wave formation and a tri-color Garnet stone.

Here is a selection of the new crystal healing clusters at I Dig Crystals today: 

Azurite Crystal Healing Clusters

Apophyllite & Stilbite Cluster on Stand

Brown  Fluorite & White Celestine Cluster

Rare blue Wave Fluorite Formation

Tri-color Garnet Cluster

Spessartine Garnet Crystal Healing Pair

I Dig Crystals

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bracelet Sizing Question

Question: Looking for a nice stretch reiki (healing) stone bracelet for my daughter. She does reiki. I just don't know what size? She has a larger boned wrist. Small would not be good. Just not sure how stretchy these might be? Don't want them to be too stretched. Any recommendations.  Thanks. Cool product!

Answer: The best way to get your daughter's wrist size is to measure (or have her measure) her wrist at the point she would want to wear the bracelet and add 1/4" to the measurement for a comfortable fit and 1/2" for a looser fit. The bracelets do stretch, but they will feel uncomfortable and may cut circulation if they are too small.
Here's a jewelry sizing guide
 If you need any other jewelry or crystal advice, please email me here at

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gazing into Ametrine Picture Windows

Ametrine is a brilliant combination of purple Amethyst and hints of yellow Citrine. Ametrine combines the spiritual energies of Amethyst with the emotionally empowering energies of Citrine. Picture windows are tumbled stones that have been polished on one side, allowing us to gaze into the crystal like a portal into another realm. The picture window stones give us focus for healing, manifesting and meditating.

Gaze into this one of a kind Ametrine picture window pair while they last here at I Dig Crystals! 

I Dig Crystals

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Birthstone - Garnet Month!

January births correspond with the energies of Garnet. In crystal healing, Garnets are the stone of ultimate health. Garnets are great for grounding the Root Chakra to this physical reality, thus maintaining your balance in life. Garnets bring passion for life, reminding you to slow down and enjoy each moment of this precious gift.

Garnets come in various colors, from the most popular red Almandine to the more rare green Grossular stones.

Gift Garnets to your January birthdays and keep a few of these healing stones for your own health and balance!

At I Dig Crystals we are offering a 25% off select Garnet jewelry and crystals for all of January 2013!

Here are a few items from our Garnet selection:

Shop for these and other Garnet healing crystals at:
I Dig Crystals

Treasure Boxes for your Jewels

These tiny treasure chests will hold your small jewels and healing stones secure. They even come with dry brown rice to help keep the crystal energetically clean. These boxes are created from natural wood and leather.

Shop for a selection of jewelry boxes at I Dig Crystals. 


I Dig Crystals

Stones & Skeleton Keys

I found three alluring antique skeleton keys at an old Printer's Shop here in San Francisco on a North Beach Art walk the other day. One hangs around my neck and the other two have been created into crystal healing pendants for whoever finds them first!

Shop for antique skeleton key pendants at I dig Crystals.


I Dig Crystals

Orange Selenite Bull Frog Crystals

In Dream Therapy, Bull Frogs represent the coming of new, charismatic friends in your life. If you just hear the bull frog in a dream, it means the coming of happiness in your life.

Shop for Orange Selenite carved Bull Frog crystals at I Dig Crystals. 


I Dig Crystals

Crystal Healing Vial Jewelry

Clear glass vials hold crystal healing treasures to be worn as jewelry, keeping the stone's energies with you throughout the day. This mini vials are secured with different healing crystals (like the Amethyst and Moss pendants above) and can be worn on chains, strung like minuscule terrariums and gifted to beloved friends.

Here are a few of the crystal healing vial jewels you will find at I Dig Crystals at this current moment: 

Obsidian Vial Earrings & Pendant Set

Snow Quartz & Green Moss Jewelry Set

Almandine Garnet & Moss Vial Pendant & Earring Set

I Dig Crystals