Monday, December 22, 2014

Complete Chakra Charms

Natural Chakra stones hang from your new crystal healing vial pendants. These stones are tumbled into free-form pebbles and are secured in clear glass vials. The vials are topped with corks which can be hung as unique charms on your favorite necklace chain. 

Find complete chakra jewelry sets at I Dig Crystals

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The Latest Stones in Spirals

Ametrine & Azurite Cage Pendants

Natural tumbled stones are securely set in steel cage spirals to wear as pendants or hang as window charms. Use your favorite necklace chains to create chunky bold pendants or hang them from your ceilings for a brilliant energy vortex. 

Find the latest crystal healing spiral pendants at I Dig Crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snow Quartz dotted with Chakra Stones

Natural Snow Quartz and Chakra healing crystals are strung on your new stretch bracelet. The natural stones are polished into 9mm to 10mm round beads. The Snow Quartz is a translucent white crystal strung on sturdy bracelet stretch cord with the following chakra stones:

Crown Chakra: Translucent Purple Fluorite

Third Eye Chakra: Blue & White Sodalite

Throat Chakra: Glacier Blue Angelite

Heart Chakra: Translucent Green Fluorite

Solar Chakra: Bright Yellow Aragonite

Sacral Chakra: Orange Red Aventurine

Root Chakra: Red Carnelian Agate 

Choose your preferred bracelet size when ordering your new I Dig Crystals Snow Quartz stretch bracelet dotted with Chakra crystals.

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Apothecary Vial Pendants

Little glass vials are filled with natural crystal healing stones for a new line of Apothecary Jewelry. These miniature bottles are topped with cork stoppers and can hang on your favorite necklace chain. You could also use them for gem elixirs in your healing practice. Find one-of-kind sets of Apothecary vial pendants at I Dig Crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Adjustable Rings Make Easy Gifts

Choose adjustable rings when you don't know your friends' ring size. These flexible metal bands can accommodate a large range of sizes for all five fingers! Your friends will love the latest crystal healing rings. Find the latest adjustable stone rings at I Dig Crystals. 

I Dig Crystals

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vintage Spool Wands

Vintage wooden spools were used in the Victorian textile mills to spin thread, transforming the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution. These historic spools are now collectible for use in rustic and primitive decorating. Here we have set vintage wooden spools with natural crystal healing stones to use as wands. These one-of-kind spool wands can be used in metaphysical healing work to direct your intent and the crystal's energies. Find the latest wooden wands at I Dig Crystals

Orthoceras Fossil Dishware

These sturdy dishes make great housewarming gifts. Polished smooth, you can place small trinkets, food, water or stones in these Fossil bowls and plates. Find one-of-kind Orthoceras Fossil Dishware at I Dig Crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Massage with Ruby Kyanite

We have a new stone at I Dig Crystals: Ruby Kyanite. This is a naturally occurring stone displaying blue Kyanite and deep red Ruby, growing together in harmony. Ruby Kyanite combines the energies of the two stones: Ruby and Kyanite. Ruby healing crystals promote leadership skills and following your bliss. Rubies can help make one feel worthy of love, and protects against unhappiness and nightmares, harm and illness. Kyanite can facilitate one's connection with their intuition, or deepest truth, and it is especially helpful to those searching for or learning to discern the truth of any matter or situation. It helps to quiet the mind, dissolving emotional, mental, or spiritual confusion, and anxiety.

I Dig Crystals

New Standup Slabs: Emerald & Lapis

Emerald Raw Slabs
We have two new mineral standup slabs at I Dig Crystals: Emerald and Lapis. If you are unfamiliar with rough Emeralds, you will find that the natural stones will vary in opaque and may contain many inclusions, patches and rocky veins. The green in the stone comes from traces of Chromium. These green stones are growing in a black matrix rock and are polished into free-form slabs. Both slabs can stand upright or be placed flat for healing work.
Lapis Lazuli Standup Slabs
The Lapis Lazuli standup is a royal blue crystal shimmering with gold flecks of iron Pyrite and white bands of Calcite. The genuine gemstone is polished into a free-form slab that can stand up on its own, vertically or horizontally. This unique Lapis Lazuli stand-up stone measures 5.6" high and can be displayed as a sculpture or used in healing practices.
I Dig Crystals

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Center Crystal Spheres in the Home

Orange Selenite Sphere on Brass Stand
Keep your collection of crystal healing spheres centered in every room of your house for peace and harmony. Large spheres can be placed on your coffee table, dining table and mantel. Smaller spheres can be placed on your counters, desks and balanced on each bed stand in your bedroom. The sphere shape emits the crystal's energies equally through all sides. Most of our spheres at I Dig Crystals come with display stands, making it easy for you to place the balls throughout your home! The latest crystal healing spheres at I Dig Crystals include, but are not limited, to the following: 
Blue Calcite Ball for the Throat Chakra

Deluxe Chrysocolla Ball on Jade Stand

Black Obsidian Balls for Protection

I Dig Crystals

New: Azurite in Poppy Granite!

Azurite in Poppy Granite is a fascinating new stone showing deep blue Azurite mineral in a speckled black and tan Granite. These rare stones are untreated and come from Pakistan. This unique mineral is polished into all kinds of crystal healing shapes (like the heart above) and can be used for the energy layouts. Find limited-edition Azurite in Poppy Granite stones at I Dig Crystals. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

December Promotion: 20% off Aventurine

We celebrate the abundance of Aventurine crystals this December. Aventurine is the crystal of abundance, calling in any type of abundance you may be seeking. It also helps one to see alternatives and potential in all situations, and provides a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Aventurine comes in a myriad of colors from greens to reds to purples. It is formed when Quartz is naturally subjected to heat and pressure causing it to melt and re-solidify as large slabs. Aventurine shimmers with sparkling Mica, Hematite and/or Pyrite inclusions.

Receive 20% off Aventurine crystals at I Dig Crystals this December 2014


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