Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fatigue in Film

Obsidian, Lava, Bloodstone Bracelet

Question: Hi, I need advice for my friend. He is working in film industry and you know its a blood shedding job. His daily schedules are not on track, he eats and sleeps wen he gets time may be 1 hr sleep a day or so.. this makes him tired and i give Reiki daily yet its not sufficient for him. Kindly let me know if there is any thing else like a stone which he can wear regularly or a different healing procedure that can energies him daily to great extend. Because of this industry he gathers lot of negative energy daily, is there any remedy for both the problems?

Answer:  For your friend, Obsidian will be extremely beneficial for him in protecting him from absorbing other people's negative energies. Obsidian is one of our most popular crystals used for protection. For energy in general, I would recommend labradorite for increasing motivation throughout the day, red jasper for physical energy and quartz to enhance the aura. You could also try Selenite, which helps to seal the aura of energy leaks and drains.

Sheila Satin

Friday, March 30, 2012

Binding Mind to Heart

Tigers Eye Goddess Kwan Yin

Question: Dear Sheila, Hope your fine its been long time... im doing good by practising reiki each day. As you said i got the tiger eye stone, which is helping me to bind my mind and heart to an extend. I haven't mastered, there are still emotional imbalance yet its better than before. thank u.

Answer:  I am glad the tigers eye is helping you with your emotional balance. You may also want to experiment with other solar plexus stones such as Citrine, Moonstone and Calcite in case these other stones are more conducive with your vibrations.

Sheila Satin

Thursday, March 29, 2012

R.I.P. Crystal Cat

To our Crystal Cat, Lucky, who has had a full 21 years on this earth, may you enjoy your new adventures wherever you may be off to now (and say hi to everyone else gone before you!). 


Rained Out - Artist Showcase

Labradorite Blue Sheen Earrings

I love when the rain comes to clear off the dirty San Francisco streets. It has been raining quite a bit these weeks and I have enjoyed the renewing energy. 

I Dig Crystals' "Labradorite Earrings" and "Gray Calcite Bracelet" are both featured in the Bonanza showcase, Rained Out: 

I Dig Crystals

Root Chakra Meditation - Grounding My Sacral

Citrine Rose Quartz Wand

Meditation is a powerful method to center your mind and focus on those things that are most important. Meditations for grounding allow you to focus on the present moment and enjoy life here on earth, living a fully conscious life. 

I Dig Crystals' Citrine Wand and Amber Keychain are great for grounding work and are both featured in the etsy Root Chakra Meditation Grounding My Sacral treasury



Monday, March 26, 2012

Sacred Geometry Crystals

Quartz Icosahedron Crystal


Hi! How is it going?

I have a question about your sacred geometry crystals. Myself i'm probably more water oriented, as I am a cancer water dog, so that would be ikosaeder. But I didn't find any dodekahedran in your collection and I was asking myself why? I heard that they actually are important for the heart...and I should work with my heart more because it is not the same as when I was young. When I was young my heart was warmer, I could feel it better. Now It is more colder and desensitized.

Well I had a meditation session in Hong Kong which already helped me alot, but now I think I need a tool to even push that more.

What do you think about my thoughts?

I also found this interesting blog
. They talk about the chestahedron in the heart and the 5th chamber of the heart. Look at the comment at the bottom...isn't that crazy? Why do they operate you if you have a 5th chamber of the heart?

Thanks for your time

Much Love
(Greetings from switzerland)


Hi, Thank you for writing to us.  Sacred geometry is a very interesting and powerful subject.  If you are ready to move forward in your energy work, we definitely recommend you use one of these sacred crystals during your meditations.  The icosahedron is my favorite because it circulates the most energy due to having the most facets.

We receive unique items at Satin Crystals, so we do not always have every shape in store.  Most of our items are one of a kind.  If you feel that you resonate with a certain piece, it's best to listen to  your intuition.

Thank you for sharing the article with us.   We believe there are many ways to achieve a result, and different techniques work for different people.  Go with what feels right to you.

If you need any more assistance, you may email us here.

Lisa Satin 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainbow Obsidian vs. Negativity

Rainbow Obsidian Ring

Question: Hi Sheila, By mistake I removed the information on rainbow obsidian. Was it that it's excellent for protection against negative energies or is it for removing the negative energies? Thank you.

Answer: Hi, rainbow obsidian is great for transmuting negative energy to positive wavelengths, therefore protecting the aura. You may find a list of metaphysical properties on our websites in case you forget in the future.

But of course, your emails are always welcome as well. 

Have a great weekend, 
Sheila Satin

Saturday, March 24, 2012

White Tourmaline Chain Mail

Tourmaline comes in many different colors. This white Tourmaline stone has been facet-cut to catch the light and hangs from a chainmaille earring. Chainmaille or chain mail is a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. In this case, we link together small jump rings to form jewelry "armor"!

You can also see these earrings featured with other artists on the Bonanza "Chain Mail" showcase: 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyday Chakra Bracelets

Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelet

Cover all your bases with Chakra Bracelets. Chakra bracelets are easy to wear every day. They are strung with crystals that correspond to each of the 7 major chakras. The particular bracelet pictured is a one of a kind bracelet beaded with the following stones:

Crown: clear Quartz
Third Eye: purple Amethyst and deep blue Lapis
Throat: light blue Chalcedony nugget
Heart: green Chrysoprase
Solar: yellow Agate
Sacral: orange Agate
Root: black and white Agate

It was also featured in the "Artemis" Etsy Treasury


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Self-Cleaning Crystals

Amethyst Charger Cluster

Question: Could you please tell me which crystals do not require cleaning/charging.  Thanks.

Answer: Hi, as you know, most stones need to be cleaned and charged regularly.  However, some crystals are self cleansing.  These include Rainbow Obsidian and Citrine.  There are also certain formations that do not need to be charged, because they themselves are chargers for smaller stones.  Large clusters, geodes, and selenite logs do not need to be charged.  Bowls and cups also do not need to be charged if you are using them as chargers.

Although these crystals do not need to be charged, we still recommend cleaning them once in awhile.  Larger crystals can be easily cleaned with sage or incense:

You can conveniently clean them by waving the sage smoke over them while you are cleaning your other stones.  Of course, positive intention is the most important part of the entire cleaning-charging-programming process.

Hope that helps! 

Lisa Satin


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

High Vibrations of Moldavite

Question: Hello, I have been given a moldavite pendant and having worn it for 2 days got headaches, and feelings of floating. I am keen for a smooth ascension, but do not know if this pendant is suitable. Would you suggest i team this pendant with another crystal? Or could you recommend a more suitable stone for a smooth ascension?

Answer: Hi, thank you for your email. Moldavite is known for its extremely high vibration, especially felt by sensitive healers as yourself. To counteract the energies of Moldavite you will want to use mellow energy stones like yellow jasper, rose quartz or calcite. Remember to program these stones for your purpose to balance out the energies of the Moldavite. If you find that Moldavite is not for you at this time, I would suggest working with Amethyst, Howlite or Angelite first. These are also high frequency stones for ascension, but not as active an energy as Moldavite.

If you need any other crystal healing suggestions, I am happy to help you. 

Have a wonderful night, 
Sheila Satin

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Russian Crystal Tour

Amazing Rhodonite Lampstand

Enjoy this article and pictures about amazing crystals found in St. Petersburg, Russia by travel author Jolyon Ralph: 


I Dig Crystals

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meaning of Lost Crystals

Aventurine Ganesh Necklace

Question:  I wanted to ask you, do you think it means anything when you lose a crystal?  I've read that some people think it means you don't need that crystal anymore at that time...but i'm also pretty disorganized so i thought that could be it too :)  My rhodochrosite and aventurine Ganesh are misplaced/lost.

Answer:  There are different interpretations on what it means when you lose a crystal so you will have to choose the one that fits for you! Yes, many people say it is that you no longer need that crystals energies, but it will be found when you need it again. Others say that the crystal was overloaded and needs a rest from absorbing too much of the particular energy you are trying to heal. It is the Same idea of why crystals break when you don't clean them regularly. In this case you may want to have a bigger size in the stone or backups!

Sheila Satin 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Stones for St. Patrick's

Green Aventurine Pendant

As a tribute to today's St. Patrick's day, we put our focus on Green Crystals. Green stones vibrate with the energy of the Heart Chakra. Strengthening and unblocking the heart to better give and receive love. 

Green Aventurine can be programmed for abundance.
Green Apatite for manifestation.
Green Emerald for loyal relationship.
Green Calcite for soothing energy.
Green Zoisite for spiritual awareness.
Green Bloodstone for circulation and courage.

Wear these and other green stones not only for St. Patty's celebrations, but every day to keep your heart strong and balanced. 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Beading Wire Secures Bracelets

Question: Hi, I really loved looking through your website.  You make a lot of beautiful things.
Could you tell me what the stones are strung on for the below bracelet?   Is it flexible?  How pink are the stones?  Quartz Bracelet 11 Clasp Rose Tourmaline Pink Crystal Healing Stone 7.8"
Thanks so much.

Answer: Hi, thank you for your email and interest in I dig Crystals bracelets. Yes, this bracelet is flexible. All of the clasp bracelets are strung on beading wire:
Top-rated Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire is strong, flexible, kink-resistant and easy to knot and crimp. Accu-Flex beading wire utilizes an advanced wire-bundling technology, resulting in increased strength and durability, while still maintaining flexibility for a nice drape.

The Rose Quartz is a little shade bolder than pale pink. These are natural stones, not dyed.

If you need any other information about this or any other piece, please let me know!

Sheila Satin


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shades of Deep Purple

Deep Purple Amethyst Keychain

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for its rich purple color, attractive not only in looks but also in its metaphysical energies. Amethyst is well known to aid in meditation, raise vibrations and balance energies in the head (insomnia, nightmares, headaches).

Relish in the royal color of deep purple. I Dig Crystal's Deep Purple Keychain was featured in the "Shades of Deep Purple"etsy treasury:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obsidian Ball for Gazing

Obsidian Silver Sheen Ball

Hello, I see that the biggest obsidian ball (listed above) that you have is the 3.3" silver sheen third eye ball. I have no clue how big a 3.3" would be. Do you have any pictures with this ball in a hand or next to another item, so that I can compare the actual size?

I was thinking I would need a 5" to 6". I am wanting to find a ball for a beginner and want a big enough view screen. What advice do you have about buying a 3.3" -- do you think that would be too small or eye-straining?


Answer: Thank you for emailing us about the obsidian ball.  Obsidian is one of the top recommended stones for gazing.  Traditionally, larger sized spheres are used for most effective gazing, as they give off more energy and there is more surface room to work with.  However, we have had many scrying classes in the past, and some people have also worked with smaller sized spheres.

We actually do have another obsidian sphere that is 4.5" and is not yet listed on the website.  I will send you additional photos later in the day, and hope that will help with the decision.

Please email me if you have any other questions.  Thank you,

Lisa Satin of Satin Crystals

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Far Away Asia Collection

This is an ancient brown Jade carved into a mythical Chinese dragon beast carrying a vase or jug. The dragon is adorable, and the detail on the piece superb. The lid is removable so that you may store your precious items within, or use the statue as a sphere holder. A wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one, full of universal energy.

A Dragon is one of the most powerful totems, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. When Dragons come to us, it could mean many things. The most common message a Dragon carries to us is a need for strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are also messengers of balance, and magic - encouraging us to tap into our psychic nature and see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder. 

Jade is the stone of Wealth and Abundance, helping you to achieve all that you desire! Placing it in the office or money area will accentuate your income flow. It brings good luck, and also relieves stress. Jade brings excellent healing powers, especially for the heart and heart chakra. It is a dream clarifier and will help you remember and understand dreams better.

You can find this marvelous Jade Container at Satin Crystals. It is also featured in the "Far Away Asia, Antique & Vintage Treasury" on Bonanza: 


I Dig Crystals

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Many Types of Jasper

I don't know how many Jaspers there are out there, but each one is so intriguing with its colors, patterns and inclusions. Here is an article on the different types of Jasper stones you will find along your crystal healing journey: What is Jasper?


I Dig Crystals

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blue stones for Communication

Blue Stones for the Throat Chakra

Question: Hello. My son has been having issues controlling his anger and focusing in school.

He recently tried to run away saying he wanted to get away from everyone because nobody listens to him and nobody cares about him, all of which is not true! 

We care about him and love him very much!!! What would you suggest for this situation, spiritual bath? Candles? Crystals?

We are getting him a counselor for his misbehavior but they only suggest drugs and we are only interested in natural remedies. Please help with any info you can THANKS in advance.  

Answer: Thank you for writing to us.   Childhood can be a rough time, and the feelings he has are justified and valid in his own mind.

It sounds like there are communication issues.   Crystals for the throat chakra can benefit everyone involved.  Throat chakra crystals are light blue, such as kyanite, angelite, blue agate, hemimorphite.   These stones can help with peaceful understanding and expression.   Many people like to wear crystal necklaces (or cords with pendants) when working on the throat chakra because the stone falls right over the chakra.

For studying and focus, fluorite is a clear contender.  It has specific energies to help on concentration and focus, for school or work.  Smaller stones can be carried around or a larger piece can be placed near his desk.

Your son may even be open to crystals and "rocks", as most children are.  He may like to select his own, or be interested in learning more from you.  If not, you can discretely place them around the house.

Cleansing energy with candles, sage, and other tools will help clear out the negative energy.  We have smudge sticks available if you need.  Light the bundle and go to each corner of the house, releasing the negative energy and instilling positive intentions.

Thank you again and please email us if you need more assistance.

Lisa Satin

I Dig Crystals


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sea Urchins Calcite Spine

The precise structure of sea urchins' strong spines has been unraveled - and the find may contribute to stronger concrete in the future.

The tough spines are known to be made of calcium carbonate, which has a number of naturally occurring forms, some more brittle than others.

X-ray studies now show they are built from "bricks" of the crystal Calcite, with a non-crystalline "mortar".


Friday, March 9, 2012

Creating Chakra Plates

Creating a new batch of I Dig crystals' crystal healing chakra plates comes with intuition. Each natural stone slab is set with stones corresponding to a specific chakra or a specific energy. The stones take patience and days to dry because I use non-toxic superglue. Chakra plates can be used directly on the body or placed in the area of your life in which you need the plate's specific energies.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crystals for The Emotional Wreck

Natural Amethyst Slice

Question: Hello, Quick question, A friend recently came to me and told me he is an emotional wreck, he is suddenly sad or angry all the time for no reason. 

He said he has been stressed out a lot lately, what kind of crystal would you suggest for him?  

PS. He is not really knowledgeable about spiritual healing, chakras, crystals etc, I wanted to purchase something inexpensive for him as an introduction. Thanks!

Answer: Thank you for writing to us. It is great that you would like to introduce crystals to your friend, they can open up his energies greatly.  

From what it sounds like, he could benefit from Amethyst.  Amethyst is widely popular and known, so it is excellent for those starting out (as well as the rest of us!).  Amethyst helps release anger, and calms the emotions.  It also assists in better sleep, and opening up to the spiritual nature of one's self and connect him to his greater life purpose.

Another excellent crystal for all around master healing and positive energy is Quartz. Most people are familiar with quartz, and it is usually what pops into mind first when the word "crystal" is heard.  It is one that we recommend for people who are starting out, because it encompasses all types of energies and can be programmed for anything.

You can find various stones at

If you think he would like something to wear and keep on him all times, you can see our hand made jewelry and other items at

Please feel free to email us again if you have further questions, comments, or need assistance with an order.   

Sheila and Lisa Satin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NEW: Stone Key chains

Amber Keychain

New Crystal Healing keychains are up on I Dig Crystals. These stones were selected for their sturdy nature, so they can be carried with your keys or attached to your belt loop. 

Remember, these are all one-of-kind pieces, so if you see one you like, grab it now!

A few of the new stone key chains include: 

Amethyst Skull Keychain

Bloodstone Donut Key Clip

Chrysanthemum Stone World Timer Calendar Piece

Landscape Jasper Elephant Key Ring

Blue Moss Agate Keychain

Turquoise Macrame Keychain

I Dig Crystals

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stacking Chakra Plates

Crystal Chakra Plate

Question: Can one put more than one chakra plate on one chakra at a time or do one chakra then remove, and do another, etc?

Answer: Hi, you can definitely place two or more chakra plates on one chakra at the same time, but it is best done if they are complimentary. For example if you have two plates focusing on creativity, you can place both on the sacral chakra at once, depending on space. If you have one chakra plate focused on grounding and one on spiritual energies, you would not necessarily want them on the same chakra. It is always best to focus on one energy healing at a time, but enhancing a chakra with complimentary plates is recommended.

Sheila Satin


Monday, March 5, 2012

Meteorite Message from Mars

A Martian meteorite, an incredibly rare object, has been given to science to help unravel the Red Planet's secrets.  

Researchers will look for minerals formed in the presence of water, and for any signs of organics - carbon-rich molecules. 

Energy, water, a source of carbon are the prerequisites for life as we know it. Finding evidence for any of these phenomena in Tissint tells scientists something about how habitable Mars might have been in the past.

"It's a messenger from Mars," said Prof Andrew Coates from the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory. "It allows you to look back at the history of Mars and its formation. It's a history lesson on what Mars' atmosphere was like years ago - could there ever have been the right conditions for life?"

To read the whole article: Rare Martian meteorite given to science


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crystals for Sleeping Newborns

Rose Quartz Pendulum

Question: Hi Sheila, What stone would you recommend to help a month old baby sleep?
Thank you on behalf of his parents!

Answer: Hi, thank you for your email. To help newborns relax, I would recommend the calming energies of Moonstone, tranquility of Rose Quartz and the sleep promoting of Amethyst. If his parents have all three to use by his bedside, that is best, but even having at least one of these stones will be beneficial. Remind his parents to clean, charge and program the crystals for the baby's peaceful slumber for best results. Of course they will also want to experiment with different crystals that the newborn will respond to as each of us is unique in our energies and reactions with different stones.

You may also suggest hanging pendulum stones from the ceiling like a natural healing mobile. 

Sheila Satin


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Corals Inflate to Escape Sand

Coral might appear solid and inanimate, but surprising new footage of a mushroom coral inflating itself to escape a sandy burial has brought the organism to life.  

To move around, the corals "inflate and deflate" parts of their body. And, as the footage that Dr Bongaerts captured showed, they use a similar technique to free themselves from a covering of sand. 

"The corals inflate and deflate their entire body in a series of rhythmic pulses," said Dr Bongaerts, "which allows them to effectively shed the sediment in a matter of hours.

"It's so crazy to see; it looks like another type of creature entirely."

He says that the idea of using time-lapse came from watching natural history documentaries.

"People often don't have the concept that corals are animals," he said. "But this really brings them to life."
"It's surprising that they're capable of such controlled movements."

To Read the Whole Article:

Corals inflate to escape being buried alive in sand


I Dig Crystals

Friday, March 2, 2012

Showering with Crystals

Question: Hi, I am a crystal user. I have a white, or see thru crystal which I bought last summer. I only have one question about it. I have it around my neck all day, everyday. So, I shower my self with the crystal still around my neck. My question is, is it bad for the crystals energy or programing to shower with it? Because when it touches water doesn´t it deprogramming it self? Thanks.

Answer: Thank you for writing to us.  Showering with a crystal will not automatically deprogram it. Programming and reprogramming requires your mental intention, just water alone does not have the same effect.  Therefore, it is okay to shower with the stone.  For complete information about cleaning, charging, and programming please watch our video tutorials that can be found here:

Please note, however, that certain crystals are not meant to be in water for extended amounts of time. Selenite, Angelite, and other soft crystals will lose their luster and eventually begin to dissolve.  If there is silver or metal, that may become tarnished if exposed to water multiple times.

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals


Thursday, March 1, 2012

NEW: Chakra Stone Stackers

We now offer hand-selected Chakra Stone Stackers to balance your chakras at I Dig Crystals. These are genuine donut stones which can be placed on the corresponding Chakra during crystal therapy, reiki or other energy healing layouts. You may also choose to string them to wear as pendants, necklaces and hang from windows as healing charms.