Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WANTED: Healers

Hello Crystal Healers,

We hope that you have learned a lot from previous crystal classes, and are using your knowledge for the highest good.  A major shift is coming up as 2011 comes to an end and 2012 approaches.  Now more than ever we need Light workers such as yourself to come forward in this field.

For those who still need to complete their Crystal Healing Certification (2 classes total are required) or are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills, please come join us for our final class this coming October 8-9th.  This is new class with all new material, taught by Ann Satin.  It covers Crystal and the Kundalini, 7 bodies, Color Therapy with Crystals, and Crystal Massage. 

Because it is the final class before 2012, we are also offering you a One Year FREE membership and profile on CHI website!  This is a great opportunity to be part of something big, and advertise yourself as a healer.  $40 value for free.  Save yet another $40 with early bird tuition when you enroll by this Thursday. Visit http:/californiahypnosis.us to see the membership space you will be getting for free.

In 2012 Satin Crystals will be undergoing a major change, and our class base will be concentrated in Southern California rather than San Francisco.  Bay Area classes will be arranged per demand only.  So take advantage of this opportunity to finish what you started, when it counts the most!

We are always here for you- feel free to call, email, or visit us for any questions, comments, or crystals!  Class enrollments can be done online at www.satincrystals.com as well.


Lisa & Sheila Satin


SUPPORT: Seal Swim

Support our friend Deana on her swim to save the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal: 



QUESTION: Hi, Im a journalist healer and instructor in energy medicine in atlanta. are any of these classes taught online?

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. We are still in the process of setting up a reliable video conferencing method of teaching online. However, if you let us know which classes you are interested in signing up for, we can focus on getting online functions to work for those specific classes right away!


CRYSTALS: Dendritic Chalcedony

QUESTION: Hello, I live in the UK and am looking to buy Dendretic Chalcedony and wondered if you had any?

ANSWER: Dear Louise, thank you for your email. Dendritic Chalcedony is also known as Plume Agate or Dendritic Jasper. We do have a few pieces in our shop which you may be interested in: 


INTERVIEW: Egyptian Code

Do you have a specific writing style?
According to me, each human being is different in their thoughts but the result of all the thoughts may be same. So my style of writing comes from my thoughts the way I look at the world. 

How did you come up with the title?
Choosing the title for the book is really a challenging task for me after completing the book. The title “Egyptian Code: The Secret Code Used by Pharaohs that Can Turn Small Businesses into Empires” has been though for almost a week and then the title is confirmed.

What books have most influenced your life most?
Swami Vivekananda life history has influenced me a lot to change the path of my life

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Who designed the covers?
One of my close friends named “Jeff” has designed the cover of the book as per my inputs. 

Tell us your latest news?
Please check my blog http://www.egyptiancode.com/ 
 Frequently to know about the latest news 

Where can we get a copy of the book?
You can purchase a copy of the book at Amazon. Here is the link 

Thank you

Sennaya Swamy


CLASSES: New Schedule 2011

The latest Satin Crystals class schedule for the rest of 2011 can be found here: http://www.satincrystals.com/servlet/the-template/classes/Page


CRYSTALS: Partner Passing

QUESTION: Hi there.

My life partner has passed, very peacefully and the signs are very positive. I'm doing practices and meditation for him as well.

I'm doing pretty well, but I know healing takes time. What would be good support for me to wear, meditate with or have in our home or, specifically, maybe, the bedroom?

I am very close with amber and wear a wrist mala of amber and a small bracelet of amber/jet. I usually wear some turquoise and sort of pick what feels right when i get up in the morning.

thank you for your help ...

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. We always recommend Rainbow Obsidian in times of grief to help absorb these energies and fill you with light and hope. If you are doing meditation work contacting the higher realms, you may also consider Angelite, Celestite, Moldavite and Amethyst. You may also want to consider working with a crystal skull. My sister Lisa Satin has a short video on crystal skulls here: http://www.satincrystals.com/servlet/the-template/crystalhealingvideos/Page#Skulls

In the bedroom, Rose Quartz is always a very comforting crystal. Of course, these are suggestions that have helped us and others in the past. You are correct in picking that which feels right to you to work with each morning!

If you need any other suggestions, we are just an email away. 

Sheila Satin 


CRYSTALS: Arthritis Bracelet

QUESTION: hi,can you tell me if the bangle will turn black or stay this way?? can you ware it day& night or is it easy to brake? thank you.i have arthritis in my fingers.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email. This bracelet is not sterling silver. Sterling Silver will tarnish to black. However, it is silver-plated, so if you are wearing it all the time, the coating may peel off. I would recommend a stretch bracelet if you will be wearing something day and night and don't want metal discoloring. All crystals are subject to breaking as they are natural stones, depending on the condition they go through! For arthritis I would also suggest having a pair of Mochi Balls nearby. If you want to wear something, you may want to consider a Calcite Bracelet, Rose Quartz bracelet or a Rainbow Obsidian bracelet. 

Sheila Satin


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEWS: New Crystal Class & Free C.H.I. Membership for Healers!

Free C.H.I. Membership:  $40 Value

One year free membership and profile on californiahypnosis.us for students who enroll in our Crystal Healing Certification class this October, and have qualified for a healing certification through CHI. This is a NEW Crystal Class focusing on Crystal Kundalini, the 7 Energy Bodies, Crystal Color Therapy, Crystal Massage.  All new material taught by Master Teach Dr. Ann Satin, who will be flying in from O.C.
Early Bird discount available through Thursday Aug 25th. For more details, visit satincrystals.com
415-553-8987:  Call Today.

August Special

50% Off Sale on God Figures

Crystal Ganesh, Kwan Yin, Buddha, Angels & More. Call 415-553-8987 for showroom appointment or order on our website.  

August Special

50% Off Slab & Chakra Plate Sale

Agate, Petrified Wood, Jasper and More!  Natural Slabs and Chakra Plates all 1/2 off!


Jewelry Making Workshop:  Clay and Crystals

Master Jewelry artist Sheila Satin offers this class for the first time in October! Satincrystals.com for details and enrollment.

CRYSTALS: Birthday Healing Package

Hey- Nice chatting with you briefly!  Sorry to hear about the difficulties in relationships- I hope there is swift recovery for the guy you are dating, and also for your own emotional health.  I've thought about a few things that can help you for your 30th birthday this year. 

1.  Crystal Healing Session for balance and positive energy

2.  Pink Tourmaline Pendant, similar to this one pictured.  Tourmaline is very good for the heart, and protective too.  

3.  4 Rose Quartz tumbled stones for the 4 corners of your bedroom.


As I mentioned, you may want to clear your space with sage.  Hopefully you will be able to find some before the trip, but if not we also have them available:
Light it and burn it in each corner of the house, cleansing away negativity and putting positive energy with your intention.  If you can get away with it, even do it briefly in your work station.  

Otherwise, to keep away negativity at the work space, use Obsidian.  
To help with staying optimistic during trying times, Peridot and Moonstone are prime.  
We have all the above mentioned stones in different forms at www.satincrystals.com , even small ones  for $1 (not online)
Jewelry is always great because it's easy.

Another thing you can do it write a list of affirmations.  I do this, and have a list of about 15 affirmations, divided into categories of Personal/Spirit, Work/Money, and Relationships.  I read the list every morning and every night.  At least once a day helps a lot.  Sometimes I get busy and skip out, but I do the best I can.  


For the guy friend, Selenite is our #1 recommendation in aiding cancer patients.

The first one is a palm stone he can hold, especially useful in the hospital because it wards off negative spirits that reside there.
The second is a tower-like thing that he can place on a stand or desk
The third is a massage wand, which can be used in massage and also as a wand to protect the aura during hospital visits.

Any of the above can be used in the double purpose of 1.  Aiding in recovery.  2.  Protecting the aura during hospitalization and operations.

Here is a blog that Sheila wrote about colon cancer 2 years ago:


I'm not sure how you feel about the relationship you are currently in, but if you want to strengthen the bond between the two of you, you can get something that is a pair, and give him one.  For example, this pair of mochi balls:  

Infuse them with your love energy and give him one and you keep one.  

Since you both must be under a lot of emotional stress, you can each carry around a stone in your pocket and any time you feel anxiety, rub the stone.  Maybe you already have a stone you'd like to carry around, or some examples of worry stones are here:

Well... those are a few things I can think of now.
Aside from that, remember to breathe deep and be grateful for the positive things.
Last year and this year (the months surrounding my 30th bday) were very monumental for me as well.  Here is a great article I've shared with a lot of people that might better allow you to understand some of the changes going on in your life right now:


Alright I've probably overloaded your brain awhile back.  
Glad you'll be able to make it out so I can see you in a couple weeks.  Take care!

Lisa Satin


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CRYSTALS: Witness Pendulum

The witness pendulum allows us to focus on the client. It need not matter what the actual witness is, as long as it has some association or connection to the client, for example a sample of hair or even a signature. The witness appears to hold energy or vibrations of that of its owner and it is this energy that the dowser works with. This is very similar to when a medium gives a reading about a deceased or missing person, by using an item of theirs (Psychometry) for example a watch or a ring, or some item that held sentimental value.

"The very first and the most famous in the history of dowsing pendulums with a “witness chamber.” Developed by Fr. Abbe Mermet, and given its name in memory of the founder. The witness chamber can be used to place a sample of a substance in order to: ask questions, send energy, determine compatibility with supplements, check  sensitivity to food, etc. Used often and successfully by therapists to balance vibrations of different elements, supplements, etc. 


CRYSTALS: Pictured

QUESTION:  I really like the Lapis Lazuli Chakra wand. If I had ordered, would I get the one as pictured, or is this a stock picture?

ANSWER: Hi thanks for your email. You will receive this exact item pictured. Most of our items are one of a kind. In all of the listings we indicate whether you will receive the item pictured or a similar item.

If you have further questions we are happy to assist you.

Sheila Satin

Balance your life naturally

CRYSTALS: Dissolved Selenite

QUESTIONi was unaware that selenite should not be cleaned in water and haveleft my large selenite ball over night in water and salt . Now it has lost its shine all together and has become rough and chalk to touch. The local crystal lady has told me to leave it in the sun , which i am now doing. Can you give me any suggestions to recover the shine of the crystal ???

ANSWERHi, thank you for your email. Yes, Selenite and other soft stones will dissolve in water. We always prefer the dry brown rice or sage methods of cleaning, especially if you are unsure. You can see more on how to clean and care for your crystals on our website's Crystal FAQ's and Video Tutorials. 

At this point, the Selenite will not regain its shine unless you take it back to a professional stone polisher. You may want to check your local gemological association or any gem fairs or rock shops in your area for this service. 

If you have any other crystal healing related questions, feel free to email us at info@satincrystals.com

Sheila Satin 

Friday, August 12, 2011

CRYSTALS: Serpentine for Kundalini

During meditation, just visualize the energy that is coiled up between the end of your spine and the genital ares. Bring it up along the spine to any chakra you wish to cleanse. In this case, you want to raise it to your solar plexus and see it flowing in and out. At the same time, you can imagine the red flame burning all the negative emotions that you have stored in your solar plexus. From outside the body, see the solar plexus chakra circulates in the clockwise motion. See it extended and expanded and feel blissful with pure energy you have received. If you feel very stiff and blocked in this area, just simply massage it with your hand. When done cleansing chakras (any) bring it up to the crown and mix it with the white light and let it showering your physical body.

Serpentine is the best crystal to hold to raise the Kundalini energy.


Monday, August 8, 2011

CRYSTALS: Newborns

QUESTION: Hi, my friend is about to give birth and she is very into crystal healing. She has studied and practiced it overseas. I wanted to get her a special baby shower present but know nothing about crystal healing let alone purchasing something advanced enough since she is so knowledgeable. I saw your blog about crying babies and using rose and moonstone ( I think that was it) but you mentioned being careful of the size of the stones. Instead of just purchasing blindly off your website I was wondering if you could help me put together a nice gift set. I have a budget of $75 to $100 and really want to make it special. I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

ANSWER: Here are a few suggestions to gift your friend and her new miracle:

Rose Quartz Heart $35 for unconditional love, beauty and security - this piece is large enough for the newborn and represents the heart chakra. Smooth all around, this can be placed in the baby's crib under supervision and in the baby's space at other times. 

Labradorite Egg $15 - this stone is great to keep children connected to the mystical/metaphysical realms while adjusting them to the physical world. Physically, it helps keep you motivated and active. Egg shapes are easy to hold in the hand or place on a ring or basket by the bedside. The crystal looks dark but shows mesmerizing blue-green and/or yellow sheens in the right angles that children (and adults) will find fascinating. 

Chakra Pendulum $20 - This pendulum has a rounded edge and is strung with the chakra stones to keep the baby healthy and balanced. It can be hung from the ceiling with crib mobiles or in the windows to capture sun energy. The colors of the rainbow are always attractive!

Moonstone Tumbled - $15 for set of 5 - This is a great crystal for peace and calm. These stones can be placed at the corner of the baby's room or crib to create a grid of loving protection. Moonstone is a very feminine stone with the serene energies or the moon. Also a popular stone for the mother's reproductive healing. 

These are a few suggestions. If you need additional suggestions, I am happy to email them to you! I can also print out the descriptions for you upon purchase for you to gift to your friend. 

Sheila Satin 


Thursday, August 4, 2011

CRYSTALS: Information

QUESTION: Am trying to register on your website as I also have two items pending in the cart.  Will now add these crystals to my order. Have also viewed your videos on crystals.  This website has so much information in detail I especially love your videos on crystals.  So much more to view on your website.  

ANSWER: Hi, if you need any help registering, please let us know. We will be creating many more videos this coming weekend. Be sure to join our mailing list for updates (on the front page of our website). If you have any topics you wish us to discuss, we can place those on the top of our to-create video list!

Sheila Satin


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CRYSTALS: Protection

QUESTION: Hey sheila, thanks so much for the crystals! I have a story to tell you that actually now leads me to look for a crystal for protection.

Before i went to bed, i placed 2 of my crystals in water, and one in salt, to cleanse their energies. The crystals were left cleansing on my nightstand right next to my bed. I read online to keep them away from your bed but i didnt think to much of it. Anyways, heres my story i just woke up and wrote. 

[details removed]

Either way, i leave this dream with great insight. About the power of energy and spirits. About the 3rd eye and astral viewing. About the importance of learning how to protect myself from other beings. Although waking up scared to death, i also had a bit of excitement in me, because i learned so much and the crystals brought this effect. All I am thinking about now is that i need to find a crystal that will aid me in protecting myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much!

ANSWER: Hellothanks for your email. This explains why you immediately picked up the Rainbow Obsidian orbs at the tumbled crystal trays! This is the one we highly recommend everyone have with them, whether wearing, holding or keeping in your space. Rainbow Obsidian is a great crystal to transmute any negative energies, thus protecting your aura and keeping you from being affected by unwanted energies. 

Yes, the crystals do have a great affect in opening your senses, and that is why we always recommend having protective stones around you. You can even grid your room with Obsidian or Pyrite for protection. You may even consider attending our crystal healing classes once you are wanting to practice more with the stones! If you haven't yet, we invite you to join our mailing list (which you can do on the front page of our website) or we can add you directly. 

For now I strongly suggest Rainbow Obsidian. It is always necessary to balance the opening of your intuition so that you don't receive everything out there, just the select, positive insight  you want to progress in this life. 

Sheila Satin :) 


CRYSTALS: Blue-Green

QUESTION: Hello,I have two questions. My first question is if you can grow crystals, how do you grow one? My second question is that I have a tumble gemstone and it's a bluish green and i have no idea what it is. Can you tell me what type of tumbling gemstones can be that color? If you can answer those for me then that would be really nice.

ANSWER: Hi, yes, it is possible to grow crystals, you can refer to this website: http://www.waynesthisandthat.com/crystals.htm

As for your bluish green crystal, it may be Chrysocolla, Malachite Azurite or a many number of stones. You can check on our website by typing in "blue crystal" or "green crystal" and see if they match. Or, you may email us a picture of your crystal and we will try to identify it for you! 

Sheila Satin 


EVENTS: Penny Auctions

*Natural crystals on auction starting at $0.01" 

I Dig Crystals Ebay Store


CRYSTALS: Suggestions

QUESTION: Need to purchase crystals for clarity; strength; love/passion and emotional release but don't know the name of the specific crystals. Can you please assist me?

ANSWER: Thank you for your email. Here are our suggestions for your following inquiries: 

Clarity: Quartz, Ulexite, Howlite
Strength: Tigers Eye, Citrine
Love/Passion: Garnet, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite
Emotional Release: Malachite, Chryscolla, Obsidian

If you  need help finding these crystals on our website, feel free to email us here at info@satincrystals.com. If you have any other crystal related questions, we are happy to answer them!

Sheila Satin 


Monday, August 1, 2011

SALE: 50% Gods & Slabs


Hand Carved Citrine Ganesh.  Sale Price:

Satin Crystals is having a huge Summer Sale this month of August!  Crystal Gods and Slabs are all 50% off- an unbeatable deal!  Call us today at 415-553-8987 to schedule an appointment or simply buy online at www.satincrystals.com from the comfort of your own home.  Bring Master Healing energy to your space- you deserve it and your soul desires it!

Thanks for being a part of our positive community!  -Sheila and Lisa Satin

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$10.00Red Picture Jasper Slab Set.  Sale Price:Great for healing layouts, Root Chakra, and Kundalini!buy now »
$100.00Burmese Jade Kwan Yin.  Sale Price:
Finely crafted Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.buy now »

Join us this Sunday, August 7th for a fun filled day of Jewelry Making!  Learn to Wire Wrap your own stones into pendants, rings, earrings, and more!  
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Meditation Circle going Strong!Call us to join in on this Thursday's meditation and dinner group here in San Francisco.  Relax, eat, and enjoy good company, alll for just $10!
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