Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Energetically, cramps are a result of a blockage in the sacral chakra, which is around the reproductive area. You can use healing crystals to help alleviate the tension in this area during times of menstrual pain. Here are a few suggestions of crystal healing methods to soothe cramps:

*Carnelian is an excellent stone to open up the Sacral chakra. It balances sexual energy and opens up the energy in the hips.

*Moonstone is a very yin, calming, feminine crystal. It resonates with the Goddess Moon energies and helps to regular the feminine reproductive area.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

CRYSTALS: Citrine for Tummy

QUESTION: I am going through a painful divorce. I want to buy
CITRINE PENDANT Big Yellow Quartz Faceted Silver 05 2.8" long

I'm in desperate need of positivity.  I'm hoping that the word on citrine is not hype and that it really works.
Can you suggest a long thong or necklace (with sleeping ability) to go with it? Is Citrine supposed to be long enough to rest on tummy for liver and digestive healing?  
ANSWER: The Citrine pendant can be worn at the Solar Plexus which is right above the navel at the stomach. If you have a long chain or cord, you can wear it at this location while sleeping.
In general, the larger the crystal, the more energy it will have. For your purposes, as you are going through a lot right now emotionally, I would recommend constantly cleaning out the Citrine's energies as you are using it for healing. For more information on cleaning, charging and programming crystals, we have information and some tutorial videos on our website:

Citrine is a great crystal to strengthen your personal power/confidence. Keep strong during these times and you will come out with flying colors, having learned the lessons you needed to from these situations, so you don't have to repeat them!
If you need any crystal healing advice along the way, please email us.

We are here for you.
Sheila Satin 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

EVENT: July Meditation & Channeling

Hi Channellers,
The messages I received and heard were EXACTLY what I needed to hear, so thank you all for being part of the experience :)  Giant vegetable entity told us all to eat more vegetables!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight for a successful circle!  It was nice seeing familiar and new faces. 
The next meetup is 7-7-11 for meditation and dinner.  What an amazing date... be prepared to fly!  Please sign up soon because it is starting to fill up.  And of course our next channeling circle will be 7-21-11 (another awesome date!).  Who/what will come to us this time???
To sign up, please register at 

If you cannot sign up ahead of time, then please call that day to see if space is still available.
Blessed night to all!
Lisa Satin


CRYSTALS: Crying Babies

QUESTIONIs there a good stone that helps calm babies from crying? 

ANSWERBabies and children are actually very in tuned with crystal energy. Excellent calming stones for them would be Rose Quartz and Moonstone. Just be careful not to give them small pieces, for safety reasons.

Lisa Satin

CRYSTALS: Desert Rose Selenite

QUESTION: Does desert rose selenite charge and clean crystals like the regular selenite?

ANSWER: Hi, good question. Yes, Desert Rose Selenite will charge crystals as well. However, it may be in a form which is not as easy to use compared to a big Selenite log which can easily be used as a base for your crystals to be placed or Selenite wands and polished Selenite which can easily be scanned over your crystals to be cleaned. 

Sincerely, Sheila Satin 


CRYSTALS: Feather Wands

QUESTION: Hi, I am very attracted to this beautiful wand & I was always told to choose a piece that you have a conection with rather than specific properties. Having said that can you tell me a little more about the stone & is it used in the same way as other wands to clear the chakras? Any additional info would be helpful. You have some very unique & beautiful pieces.

Do you custom make the feathers & cord for any of the other wands, or is it special just for this piece?

ANSWER: Hi! Hope you had a great weekend and thank you for your question. You are right, you should definitely pick out the crystals that you have an affinity for either in person or online - it's all about the energy!

This is a solid Fluorite wand. Fluorite is a great stone for calming the nerves, concentration, focus, sinuses, among many other properties of course, depending on which healing property you wish to program it for. I like to use massage wands directly on the body - the flatter end for more subtle massage, the smaller end for deeper. You can also use this for acupressure points, holding for meditation, manifestation work. Personally I like to use the pointed end wands for chakra opening, but that is up to the healer! The feather is great for spreading the crystals energy around the aura. The wand can also be used to scan the aura and fill it with the crystal's energies.

Yes, I do custom create feathers and cords for any other crystal wands that we have in stock. Keep in mind that each one will come out unique and just for you! If you would like any crystal piece custom created, please email me at and we will go from there! We also have a lot of Crystal Healing information and Video Tutorials on our website at  

Sheila Satin 


CLASS: Gem Elixir

QUESTION: I was searching online for a class to make crystal gemstones elixirs and I came across an old add for a class you taught in 2009.

I am really interested in this workshop if you still teach it. I will be available to take this workshop until November as I will be moving out of San Francisco at that time.

Please let me know if you offer this class either privately or with a group.
ANSWER: Hi, we no longer have this particular class offered by itself, but it is included in one of our Crystal Healing Certification courses. For a list of upcoming classes please visit:

We will also be offering online classes in the near future. We do have some video tutorials up on our website at this time as well and look forward to many more! While you are there, please join our mailing list as we always send out new information that is relevant to your interests!


Sheila Satin


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CRYSTALS: Dream Clarity

QUESTION: Hi, I had some odd dreams. Not sure why or what caused them. Seemed to delve into my sub-conscious somehow. I was wondering if it was one of the beads I picked up or the quartz ball... Is there a crystal/stone that influences dreaming and brings things to the surface from the unconscious to waking life? Just curious. I thought it was pretty cool, but very powerful.

ANSWER: Hi, there are many crystals that may clarify dreams. Quartz is definitely a great stone for clarity and enhancing any energies around your aura. Especially if you program it for this purpose, you may notice yourself remembering or releasing a lot of emotions through your dreams.

Sheila Satin


CLASS: Wire Wrap Jewelry

Hello jewelry makers! We have just scheduled our next jewelry making class for wire wrapping & earrings on Sunday August 7, 2011 12-6pm here in our San Francisco SoMa showroom. This time we are once again combining the cost of the crystals within the class price, but you will have the option to upgrade to fancier beads during the class. The early bird pricing will be available until July 15th.
You can pay on our website here: or call in to 415-553-8987 with your credit card number or email us for a paypal invoice.
If you have any questions, please email me here. If you have interested family and friends, we would love to have them join us also!
Sheila Satin


EVENT: Meditation Dinner

QUESTION: Hi, I would like to know more information on the meditation and dinner and or how to make a reservation. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. You may register for the meditation and dinner directly on our website at or you can call into our showroom and pay via credit card 415-553-8987.

My sister Lisa Satin guides the group in meditation and we use a different crystal each month. The crystals are provided for you to use during the meditation. Afterwards she cooks a delicious homemade dinner, so let her know if you have any dietary restrictions!

Sheila Satin

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


QUESTION: Hello, maybe you can help me, what type of crystal would you use for hip pain (arthritis),I just bought a blood stone. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. For arthritis and join pains we highly recommend using Mochi Balls over the affected area. Malachite is also another great stone which you can drink as an elixir (made through the indirect method) or place on your joints.

If you have further crystal healing questions, we are happy to help you. You may email us at

Sheila Satin


Friday, June 10, 2011

CRYSTALS: Malachite Box

QUESTION: I love Malachite (sp?) and I am looking for accent boxes for a bedroom design I am working on here in Los Angeles. Can you send me more info or link me to prior postings on Malachite and what you have available for sale online! Thank you. ANSWER: Hi, Do you know what size Malachite boxes you want? Please keep in mind they are quite pricey as this is a soft stone so it's harder to work with carving wise. It is also easily scratched because of its softness, but in the end it is prized for its exquisite green banded beauty. Here are some posts on Malachite from our blog:

We also have a Malachite description on our website:

I think the Malachite Room in Russia is especially impressive!

If you let me know how many boxes and what the price range and size is, i can look into it for you!

Sheila Satin


Thursday, June 9, 2011

CRYSTALS: Merchant Stone

Yellow Citrine is known as the "Merchant Stone". It corresponds to the energy of cash flow in the universe. Keep Citrine where you keep your cash!


CRYSTALS: Financial Swing

QUESTION: I have been having wild swings in income this is really stressing me out. Any recommendations for that?

ANSWER: Wild swings of income come with being self-employed or not receiving a regular paycheck. On this front, I know exactly how you feel! It can be concerning during those low periods, but it's the worry that keeps us focused on the negative. As hard as it may be, have faith that you will be financially balanced and abundant.

Whenever I am feeling financial worries, I like to pick up my impressive green Aventurine Aura Wand and do money manifestations with it. For you, another crystal may be your abundance stone. Many people swear by Citrine (as pictured) to balance cash flow, but for me, I feel more of an affinity to Aventurine!

Sheila Satin


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VIDEO: Pendulum Dowsing

NEWS: Satin Crystals HQ

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A New Look for Satin Crystals!

Hello, we have been busy updating our website and our emailing campaign to make everything easier for you to use! We are also on a mission to put up many informational crystal healing videos for your enjoyment and education.

Thank you for your positive presence at Satin Crystals,
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Featured Crystal: Chakra Tower
chakra tower
moonstone chakra tower wand

Use chakra crystals to help open and balance all the main chakras. Pictured is a Moonstone tower which stands on its own to emit healing energies through the atmosphere. It is set with natural stones corresponding to each of the 7 main chakras. It can also be used as a wand to direct the energy through the crystal's termination.

To see all of our towers available, visit TOWERS.
Satin Crystals YouTube Channel

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How to Choose Crystals for Healing
How to Choose Crystals for Healing

Crystal Healing Q & A's

agate skull
blue lace agate skulls
QUESTION: Hi, I am watching your skulls youtube video, do you guys channel people? Are there any other uses for the skulls other than channeling aliens and dead people? Can I get skull for getting a new job?

ANSWER: Hi, energetically skulls are mainly used for channeling, past life regression work and contacting other realms. However, skulls are also great in amplifying energies. So, if you don't know what energy you want, it may amplify any underlying emotions and issues that are strongest in your aura. You may not be ready to confront these issues, so I would say to make sure you know what you want the skull to amplify through programming the crystal. In your case, if you want to amplify the energies of obtaining a new job, you will want to program your skull for such a purpose. By holding your skull, the crystal will receive this programming energies and amplify them.

Sincerely, Sheila Satin

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Featured Crystal
Satin Crystals YouTube
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June Classes & Events
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June 11 (Saturday) 12-6pm

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June 23 (Thursday) 6-7:30pm

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CRYSTALS: Cranky Neighbors

QUESTION: I need some crystals for energy wall between our neighbor and us. got instructed to put lots of clear quartz along the fence and mix with rose quartz and rainbow obsidian....should I go on te website? Protection, protection, clearing energy. Any tips?

ANSWER: Hi, yes, Rose Quartz is a very effective crystal in calming the divide between your place and your neighbors. The larger the piece the better - place it on the wall/fence that connects you and program the crystal for peace. Quartz can definitely amplify any programming you are doing, so Quartz is always an effective crystal to boost up any layout or grid. And, as you are well aware, Rainbow Obsidian is our number one crystal of choice to transmute any negative energies. This will help to protect your own auras. This is an excellent grid, however I would recommend having more of the Rose Quartz and using the other two stones as fillers.

Depending on the size of your space, you will want crystals that are relatively equal to the space. For example, if you were doing a grid around yourself, smaller tumbled stones would work. If you are gridding a room, you may want medium size. If you are doing a whole house, the bigger (or more) the better!

If you need help finding the crystals you don't yet own, just let us know and we will gather from for you according to your budget.

Sheila Satin


CLASS: Jewelry Sunday

QUESTION: Hello! I really thought your class on how to make jewerly was this coming Sunday. And I really wanted to go and can't make this Saturday. If you can, please give this class again in the near future. I would love to make jewerly with crystles and bring along a few friends also. Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you real soon.

ANSWER: Thank you for writing to me! Yes, this time the jewelry class is on Saturday. However, if you have at least 3 students, I can have a custom class for you anytime you would like to schedule one depending on space in our calendar!

When you have some dates and friends ready to register, let me know and I will set it up for you!

Let's keep in touch!
Sheila Satin


Monday, June 6, 2011

CRYSTALS: Heated Citrine

QUESTION: Is this bracelet 100% natural? Where did it come from? If it is 100% natural i will buy it and check if its 100% natural. If they say it is fake then what will happen, i want to buy a 100% natural one.

ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your email. This Citrine bracelet is a natural stone that has been heat treated to bring out the yellow color. So the stone is 100% natural, but the color is not. Please note that 90% of all the Citrine on the market is heat treated. Natural Citrine is very light in color and more rare. You can read more about Citrine here:

Sheila Satin


Saturday, June 4, 2011

CRYSTALS: Compulsive Behavior

If you tend to obssess over certain areas in your life, whether it be thinking too much, feeling unwanted emotions or constantly berating yourself, Blue Calcite is a great crystal to break these compulsive behaviors.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

CRYSTALS: Apophyllite

Apophyllite helps one realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being. It carries the energy and memory of the Akashic Records. Connects the physical and spiritual realms. A stress reliever. Clusters emit energy in all directions, filling your environment with positive vibrations. They encourage group community, thriving together. Raw and natural stones give the most powerful healing energies of all. Many Apophyllites come from the spiritual lands of India.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

VIDEO: Skulls

For additional videos, visit our website at and subscribe to our channel at



QUESTION: Hi, I am watching the skulls youtube video, do you guys channel people? Are there any other uses for the skulls other than channeling aliens and dead people? Can I get skull for getting a new job?

ANSWER: Hi, energetically skulls are mainly used for channeling, past life regression work and contacting other realms. However, skulls are also great in amplifying energies. So, if you don't know what energy you want, it may amplify any underlying emotions and issues that are strongest in your aura. You may not be ready to confront these issues, so I would say to make sure you know what you want the skull to amplify through programming the crystal. In your case, if you want to amplify the energies of obtaining a new job, you will want to program your skull for such a purpose. By holding your skull, the crystal will receive this programming energies and amplify them.

Sheila Satin