Saturday, December 22, 2012

New! Gemstone Ear Cuffs.

We have added a brand new product to the I Dig Crystals line: Gemstone Ear Cuffs! Ear cuffs are like clip-on earrings that are secured to the side of your ears rather than the ear lobe. No need to have your ears pierced; everyone can wear ear cuffs! We currently have faceted Peridot and faceted Rose Quartz ear cuffs available for a long, stylish, healing fashion. 

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Natural Moss & Stone Cufflinks

Check out the latest batch of natural stones in antiqued brass cufflinks at I Dig Crystals. Some of the metal cufflinks are set with natural green moss, others feature unique stones like Pyrite, Kyanite and brilliant blue Apatite! Wear or gift something unique to the cufflinks wearers of your life!

Here is a selection of the latest cufflinks you'll find in the I Dig Crystals shop while they last:

White Agate Cuff Links

Blue Apatite Crystal Healing Cufflinks

Green Aventurine Star Cufflinks

Citrine Money Cufflinks

Hematite & Green Moss Cuff Links

Raw Green Kyanite Cufflinks

Natural Black Magnetite Cufflinks

Pyrite Fools Gold Cufflinks

Unakite Circle Stone Cufflinks

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rich Aquamarine, Multi-Tourmaline, Chakra & More Bracelets

The newest selection of crystal healing bracelets is now online at I Dig Crystals. The latest batch includes stretch bracelets, wrap bracelets, chain bracelets and thin cuff bracelets created in all natural stones such as Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Pyrite and Frosted black Onyx. Pick your size when ordering, or if it's a one-of-kind piece that just won't fit your wrist, ask me for re-sizing possibilities!

Here are a few of the new crystal healing bracelets available:

Black Obsidian & White Agate Bracelet

Lava, Obsidian & Agate stretch bracelet

Amethyst & Rainbow Obsidian Silver bracelet

Rich blue Aquamarine round bracelet

Blue Calcite & Pyrite nugget bracelet

Frosted black Onyx bracelet

Pyrite & Quartz Healing bracelet

Multi-Tourmaline stretch bracelet

Tourmaline 5-coil bracelet

Unakite Flower thin cuff Bracelet

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crystal Healing for Hypnotherapists

Here are some questions and answers for a hypnotherapist delving into the realm of crystal healing.
Crystal Questions:

1)      What type of crystal would you recommend to helped facilitate a deeper hypnotic experience? And why?
I recommend using crystals that are vibrating at a very high frequency to facilitate deeper hypnotic experiences. Crystals that are in tune with the Crown and Third Eye chakras are particularly helpful in connecting with your subconscious mind. As a general rule, Crown chakra crystals are violet, clear or white and Third Eye Chakra stones are indigo, deep blue or purple. However, there are many exceptions to these color associations, depending on the crystal and its vibrations. When in doubt, consult a crystal healer or a crystal reference book!

As unique human beings, each one of us will react differently to the same crystal. I would recommend experimenting with different healing crystals until you find the right one for you. For myself, I like to take suggestions into account and then I see which crystal is the most attractive to me personally.

As to how crystal healing works, you can learn more here: 
2)      What specific crystals would be normally used to facilitate a deeper hypnotic experience?

Crystals like Amethyst, Charoite, Quartz, Moldavite, Kyanite are all high frequency stones that are used to aid a deep meditative or hypnotic state.

These can be in any shape, as long as they are genuine, natural crystals. Bigger is better, but you have to find the right fit for the situation you are in. For example, if you are sitting in a chair going into a hypnotic state, you want to hold crystals that will fit comfortably in your hand. If you are lying down in a large room, you may want to have larger crystals placed around your body.

Here are some suggestions for meditation crystals which would also work for hypnotic experiences:
3)      Would you use crystals for other aspects of a participant’s hypnotic experience? If  yes, which specific ones and why?
Besides helping to induce a hypnotic experience, I can recommend some crystals that have been helpful for those doing past life regressions. Amber, Fossils and Serpentine are stones that have helped people in their past life regressions.

When coming out of the hypnotic state, I would recommend grounding stones - usually black or brown - like Rainbow Obsidian, Mocchi Balls and Black Tourmaline to help the energy bodies unite back on earth. Here are additional Grounding Stone recommendations:  
4)      How does one use the crystal? i.e. would the participant
a)      Need to know that a crystal is being used?
The participant does not need to know that the crystal is being used, however it is more effective it they do, so they can align their thoughts to what energy the crystal is being focused upon. 
b)      Have to have it in close proximity to his/her body?
It is best for the crystals to touch the participant's body, so you can place it in their hands, on their chakras or lie it next to their bodies. They can also wear them as jewelry. However, as long as it is within their aura (or energy body within 3 feet of their physical body), the crystal will be vibrating in their space. 
c)       Hold it?
Holding the crystal is very effective. Crystals healing is like all other forms of energy healing, however, many prefer it because it unites the physical form of the crystal with the energetic form of healing. For those of us who like something tangible to focus on when doing energy healing, we appreciate holding crystals. 
d)      Focus attention on it?
When using crystals, it is most effective to have them clean, charged and programmed. There are a variety of ways to clean and charge the crystals, which you can read more about here: You want to make sure to have cleaned crystals between hypnosis participants.

Programming the crystal puts the intent and focus into the crystal's energy field. It is most effective if the participant programs the crystal themselves so their minds can align to the programming in their own words. Here is one way to program crystals:

How Do I Program My Crystals?
Intuition is your sixth sense, a knowing that goes beyond the confines of your everyday mind. Thoughts are the highest vibration of energy. Thoughts and Intentions are very powerful when programming a crystal.

Before programming your crystal, form your intent. What do you want the crystal to do? Help you in healing? Help you attract love? Help you be successful in your job? Help you study?

Say it in the present tense. For example, “This crystal always attracts the right man/woman for me!” Special requests should be included. Keep it positive!

Once you have formed your intent:
  1. Deprogram any intentions previously in the crystal.
  2. Place on your third eye and focus your intent into the crystal or hold it in your hand, and direct your intent.

5)      Can the crystal be concealed from participant and hypnotherapist (without either having knowledge of it being there) and have the participant still benefit?
Yes, you can also use the crystal without the participant's knowledge. Many times this is necessary when the participant is not conscious, too ill or wary about crystal healing. In the end, if whichever healing method you choose works, that is what is important!

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals

Monday, December 17, 2012

Octopus, Genies and Kitty Pendants

A new batch of crystal healing pendants are now up for purchase on I Dig Crystals. Above you will see red Jasper and black Onyx merkaba pendants. Merkaba is a spiritual shape that unites mind, body, and spirit energies. The Merkaba is often used in meditations for its high vibrations.

Most of these new pendants are one-of-kind, and all are definitely unique in their inclusions, colors and patterns! Here is a small selection of the new stone creations:

Amber Octopus Pendant

Aventurine Star Genie Pendant

Indian Bloodstone Faceted Drop Pendant

Red Carnelian Sard Pendant

Sophisticated Kitty Pendant

Druzy Quartz Cluster Pendant

Shiny Blue Kyanite Hexagon Pendant

Blue Kyanite Point Pendant

Raw Lepidolite Sheet Pendant

Mahogany Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant

Turquoise Flower Pendant

To see all of the new pendants, sort the "pendant" category to "newest releases". 
Purchase these and additional crystal healing pendants at: 
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Calming Anxiety with Rhodonite

Question: HI Sheila, I apologize for not letting you know I received the Lepidolite bracelet.  I love it! I've been ill for a while and it helped a great deal.  
Do you have raw tumbled rhodalite?  You know, the pink and black stone?  I had a frog made of that stone and really was attached to it but when my daughter moved to Florida 7 years ago I sent it along with her as a good look token.  It must have worked because she is now happily married with a beautiful daughter of her own and has just been certified to teach.  She also snagged a cute home on a lake with an oddly helpful water spirit.  I'd forgotten about the stone until I had a severe panic attack and she pulled it out of her purse and handed it to me.  Wow!  Did that bring back memories... and helped calm my attack.  Anyway, I am interested in a palm sized raw tumbled "chunk" of Rhodalite if you can help.

Answer: Hi, it's great to hear from you and to hear that your Lepidolite bracelet is helping to balance your energies.

Do you mean Rhodonite? It is also a pink and black stone. I do have Rhodonite jewelry:

Or, if you are particularly looking for tumbled stones, I can refer you to my mother's website, Sunny Crystals, as she specializes in loose stones:

If you are referring to Rhodolite Garnet which is usually just red, I can ask her specifically to look for some during their next buying trip!

Sheila Satin

I Dig Crystals

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A perfect pair for winter

I Dig Crystal's Howlite oval stud earrings were featured in the Bonanza treasury, A perfect Pair for Winter. Howlite is a white stone with unique gray vein patterns. In crystal healing, Howlite is used to connect with your path in this life. It is also popularly used for weight maintenance.


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Maori Stones with Magnetite

Scientists are studying the Earth's magnetic field using the stones that line Maori steam ovens.The cooking process generates so much heat that the magnetic minerals in these stones will realign themselves with the current field direction. Abandoned stones at these locations could shed light on Earth's magnetic behaviour going back hundreds of years.

"The Maori prefer these volcanic boulders because they don't crack and shatter in the fire, and from our point of view they're the best because magnetically they behave better - they're formed with a high concentration of magnetite," the Wellington scientist said. "But there are some sedimentary rocks which we can use also."

Read more about these fascinating discoveries at

Maori stones hold magnetic clues


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Jade Terrariums for Prosperity!

Announcing new creations - natural green Nephrite Jade trees in glass terrariums! These are Jade stones wrapped in copper wire and set in brown rice. In crystal healing, Jade is known as the stone of luck, prosperity and manifesation. It is also used as a dream stone to release emotional baggage through dreams. Brown rice is used as a cleansing method to energetically clean crystals of unwanted energies.

These are limited-quantity Jade Tree terrariums which can stand on your desk or hang from your ceilings.


I Dig Crystals

Clear Quartz for Self-Healing

This smooth crystal healing bracelet is beaded with large 15mm round stones of top quality clear Quartz.

With little to no inclusions, very clear Quartz is prized in the market for its clarity. In crystal healing, clear Quartz is used to enhance the energies of our auras, our spaces and even our other crystals! Wear clear Quartz bracelets for enhance self-healing, directing the crystal's energies to the areas you need it most.

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Me in Mystic's Gaze!

My good friend Sanni from Finland is the author of a famous Finnish cosmetics blog, Karkkipaiva. She came to visit me in San Francisco last week and did some brilliant eye makeup for me. Here I am posing for her with one of my favorite raw Black Tourmaline necklaces :)

See the whole makeover on her blog:
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bead Hunting in Missouri

This past Thanksgiving I spent time with Matthew's family in the Missouri countryside, a great change of scenery from the condensed city life of San Francisco. We went for long walks in the fresh air, collected rocks in the creek bed and went bead hunting while the boys went hunting hunting! Here are a few pictures to share with you - Sheila :)

I Dig Crystals

Druzy Quartz pockets growing in the rock matrix

Eldon leads the way on our walk

Treasures from bead hunting

Unique rocks adorn the house

Me rock hunting in the dried creek bed

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jet & Betel Nuts

Jet is a black, lightweight stone crystallized from fossilized wood. Jet has been traditionally used to ward against evil and violence. In this crystal healing wrap bracelet, Jet is beaded with wood and Betel Nuts. Betel Nuts come from the tropical Areca palm tree. These are sustainable beads because they are created from the fruit of the Areca rather than the tree itself. Betel Nuts have interesting patterns and can be carved just like wood to use in natural healing jewelry.

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