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CRYSTALS: Philosophy

QUESTION: Hi Sheila,I have a few questions, and i am aware the title of this discussion is leave A crystal question, so my questions dont have to be answered all at once. Take your time.

1) What about the crystal gives it its properties? So amethyst has certain properties that are listed on your website, but i cannot see how these properties map to the crystal. If i were to find a new crystal, and make up its properties, would you be able to tell that i made them up, and would you then be able to find it true properties? Also there are some crystals that have properties related to bringing wealth. Let say this crystals takes a million years to develop, why did existence or nature "program" a crystal to make you rich, why does it even care about stuff like that.

2) On some of the product descriptions on eBay, i keep coming across that in 2012 there is going to be a shift to the fourth dimension, so does this mean that we are currently bounded only by three dimension? What exists in the 4th dimension, and why will crystals help? what about the 5th, 6th, 7th....etc.?

3) Finally, how can you use crystals to remember past lives, and is this safe? From what i understand, this is hard to deal with.

Thanks, and sorry for asking so many questions.

ANSWER: Hi, first of all, never be sorry for asking questions! I thank you for your questions and your patience.

Question #1 What gives the crystals its properties is its structure. It is the reason they use Quartz to keep Greenwich Mean time for its accuracy and it is why they use Ulexite for transmitting light and images like fiber optic bundles. Besides every day practical uses, the energies play a large part in the metaphysical world. By metaphysical I mean everything we can not touch or see and maybe not even comprehend..our emotions, the air, why we came to be, our purpose, our thoughts, etc...

I am not familiar with the scientific aspect of crystal healing, although there are many out there who do this research and I'm sure they will be happy to share their knowledge. As for energetically, you will read thousands of crystal healing books attributing very different properties to all sorts of stones. It is all very intuitive and subjective. There is no exact answer to your question. You can only use all these accounts of other peoples' experiences and see if they will fit well with your personal undertakings. This is what we do throughout our lives. Who is to say that the people who wrote our textbooks, the ones who shape our societies, the ones who tell us what pills to take are the ones that are right?? Only we ourselves can make that decision and everyone must come to their own conclusion.

Everyone will feel something different with crystals. Some people may not feel anything at all. Whatever it is you feel, just have trust in that knowing. We can question all we want, but in the end, I doubt we will come closer to any conclusive and unanymous agreement as to the meaning to our lives here on earth.

You definitely CAN choose a crystal and say that it does whatever you want it to do. As long as you believe it and it works for you, then that is all that matters. It comes to mind a highly religious client my father used to have for hypnotherapy. He would do past life regressions on him, but of course the client did not believe in reincarnation and thought it was all imagination. In the end, he was healed, and that is the only important part.

Of course we need to question everything before we can come to terms and be at peace and accept the world around us. I just want to point out that we should focus on the main goal of crystals and energy healing - to balance ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, etc, so that no matter what obstacles are thrown at us, we will remain balanced. Whatever does this for you is the key to living a happy life.

On our ebay descriptions, we have described the properties of the crystal that we have found most useful in our own practices, our own experiences and that of our clients'. It may not apply to you, but it helps to guide others in their own healing quests.

There are so many unexplained phenomenons in nature - how the crystals are formed, each unique, different and profound are a miracle in themselves. I can not say WHY those who have a positive attitude attract positivity in their lives (law of attraction), but I know from my own experiences that it is true.

In the end, there is no one true property we can attribute to any one stone. Scientific research on vibrations and frequencies and stone structure may be able to reveal more to you. Color therapy and relating it to the chakras has a strong influence. The healing powers of nature and not messing with chemicals in our own chemical-composed bodies plays a role. Learning from the past and experiences of humanity is important. We must trust ourselves and what we feel. This is the hardest thing in today's society, just giving in to all of the questions and mental ranting and "just being", feeling, breathing, knowing, trusting and accepting.

Question #2 I am strongly going to refer you to my late father's book "Incredibly Believable: Everything you wanted to know about the Shift and didn't know who to ask" which you can find on our ebay store or by clicking on the link!

If you are ever in the area of our Satin Crystals shop in San Francisco's Nob Hill, my mother, Ann Satin, and sister, Lisa Satin, also do workshops about 2012 and the coming earth changes and the role of crystals.

Next time we send you something, ask for the "role of crystals in the 4th dimensional shift" handout so we can send you that to read as well. Of course, you will find a lot of information about 2012 online as well. A lot of conflicting information (like crystals), so you'll just have to take in what you believe.

Question #3: Crystals hold knowledge throughout the ages. As you know, they are formed over millions of years, they can absorb energies and thoughts. Thoughts are vibrating at an extremely high frequency. And then there's also mass consciousness. All of these can be theories as to why crystals hold ancient knowledge in their structures.

Past life regression is not dangerous in itself. If you are not ready to face the truth, then it may not be desirable for you to hear what will be revealed by yourself, but other than that, it is not dangerous in any way. The goal of past life regressions are to come to an understanding of how past life karma is affecting your current life and to release these burdens so you can live a balanced life now.

If you have any further questions, you can email me at or on the forum!

Sincerely,Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TV: Past Life

An upcoming show on FOX about Past Life Regressions.

If you are curious about your own past lives and how it can answer and resolve issues in your current life, we offer group and individual sessions at Satin Crystals. It's not dramatized or scary as they make it seem on the thriller tv show! Very comfortable setting and you are always in control!


Classes: CHI

QUESTION: Hello Sheila/Lisa, Can you please send me some info about upcoming courses about crystal therapy, color theory and elaborate about the certificate from the CHI? I would ideally like to start in late November 2009 and wonder how long is the course and costs.
Thank you so much!
ANSWER: Hello - We are now back from vacation and have re-opened our store. We offer a lot of different crystal courses, which you may have seen on our online schedule at

The California Hypnosis Institute (CHI) is a worldwide network of teachers and students that was founded by my later father, Dr. Sunny Satin. We have certified teachers in Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, and many other modalities. We are also affiliated with a number of other organizations, like the American Hypnosis Institute, International Association of Regression Therapists, and more. CHI is a network of light healers.

Hopefully you will be able to join in on some of our classes, and become a part of our global network! Please call or email us any time for further information!

Lisa Satin

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CLASS: Schedule

You can now print out your own copy of the September - December 2009 Satin Crystals Class and Events Schedule.


VIDEO: Lie to Me

Hypnotherapy is coming into the mainstream. Working directly with our subconscious minds to find the truth. Watch the season premiere of "Lie to Me" for a snippet of hypnotherapy in action.

If you are interested in hypnotherapy for stress relief, breaking bad habits, oain management, fears, phobias, past life regressions, spiritual hypnosis, etc, contact us at We conduct private sessions at Satin Crystals Shop in San Francisco.


Friday, September 18, 2009

CRYSTALS: Chakra Crack

QUESTION: hi satin crystals,i'm a friend of sheila's from boston. i don't know who is answering these emails but i do have a question.what stones do you recommend for healing chakra balance overall. a palm reader told me today my "chakra line has a crack". what to do?

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email! I just got back from Spain, so I apologize for the delay!For overall chakra balance, we use clear Quartz crystals. Crystals vibrate a subtle energy that allow you to balance your chakras that are out of line. When we do general chakra crystal healing, we use clear Quartz because of its general purpose and enhancing energies. However, if you wan to be more specific, of course, there are many crystals that correspond to each particular chakra~

You may also consider a Quartz chakra wand (like pictured) or a Chakra Plate!

Please let me know if you need any other information about crystals, we are always happy to help you out!

Your friend,
Sheila Satin

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CRYSTALS: Broken Malachite

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, I bought that Malachite ring from you before you moved....remember the one I was obsessed with?! Anyway a few weeks later I saw a crack down the middle....I assumed I hit it against something although I'm not sure what. Anyway, it wasn't tooo obvious and it's been like that since June. I wear it all the time and I feel its goodness :) Anyway lately i've been thinking and organizing my thoughts and my heart... Then I was getting my hair done today at Aveda Salon and they had these Ayruveda oils...and I put on a Harmony oil..for balance. Then I was driving home and when I parked in front of my apt I heard something fall next to my drivers seat....I pulled up the malachite stone which was cracked down the middle into two fell out of my ring. Now, is there any meaning behind it?? is it what I believe it to mean?? or was it just broken?? haha Your insight means alot to me.

PS. My sister loved the bracelet you made for her!!

ANSWER: Hi! I'm so glad to hear from you.

Well, when a stone breaks, it means that it has absorbed either too much energy and you need another of the same stone OR it can mean that it is done working for you and you can move on to another healing stone. Only you will know which one it is!

When we use crystals for healing, we are constantly cleaning them out of any negative energies they have collected from the client so that they don't get overwhelmed and break. As you probably know, Malachite is known as the "power stone" and it has a very strong energy to help release emotional traumas of the heart. If your heart is in a blocked state, it may be that Malachite is helping to transmute a lot of this energy and as it was not cleaned out energetically, it may have broke. On the other hand, if your heart is pretty balanced, it could mean that you may no longer need Malachite.

Malachite is a relatively soft stone, so if you think it has nothing to do with energies, it could just mean that a physical crack occurred if you were unintentionally hitting your ring against a hard surface! Either way, you can now bury the stone in the earth to help your plants grow or throw it out into the sea to be back in nature :)

I am always happy to hear from you, so don't hesitate to email or call!

Your friend,
Sheila Satin :)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

CLASS: Past Life Regression

QUESTION: Lisa – We might be interested in the Past Life Regression course However, we have done a weekend of this during our hypnotherapy training, and would like to do it if we would be learning something new Past Life Regression Certification Course Please let us know when you will schedule this.

ANSWER: Hello - I hope you are doing well!

Our Past Life Therapy Certification course will be offered on Feb. 21-22. It is an excellent course, and I have personally used the techniques taught to effectively regress clients for 4 years now. We will have a full course description available in the Winter months. This Winter we are offering a Crystal Healing party 2 course on Nov. 7-8th, details will be emailed shortly. Just a reminder, we will be closed Sept. 5-17th, as Sheila and I are going to Spain.
Hope to see you soon!

Lisa Satin

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CRYSTALS: Liver Self-Esteem


Hi, I hoped you could offer some healing advice. I wondered if there are any crystals that help with liver function and/or hormones.

I have been seeing a holistic doctor for a couple years who did some biofeedback work and showed my liver is not functioning as it should, or is very taxed, and that my hormones are way out of balance. I had wondered about this as I have taken antidepressants for 11 years ( i think my low self esteem and negative thinking is the root of my health problems). I was also treated with a lot of antibiotics for a year or so for Lyme disease, and after this developed some food allergies, bad acne, and terrible PMS where i become extremely depressed the week before my period. My psychiatrist has put me on Prozac for the 2 weeks before my period, which helps a great deal, but frustrates me that I need this to function normally. I also have been taking Lithium for 8 years, for bipolar disorder, but have begun to wonder in the past few years if I am bipolar or if my hormones are just very unbalanced. My mother recently told me that she suffers with very bad hormonal problems also. I feel like I have been looking outside of myself for medications, to doctors, when what I need is to work on my self esteem and that this would help my whole body heal. As i work on my self esteem issues, are there any crystals that help liver functioning, hormones, and also with self esteem and expressing oneself?

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email.

First of all, you must deal with the root problem - low self esteem and negative thinking. These are symptoms found in the energy body and then show up in your physical body as all kinds of diseases. Accepting that you have these symptoms is the first step to altering your thinking. Negative thinking is a bad habit that many of us pick up as we are growing up in this society. I myself had to alter my mind frame over the course of years to finally begin looking at all situations in a positive light. Whenever you find yourself thinking a negative, self-defeating though, stop and alter it right then and there. You will feel much better.

Let's say someone asks you to give a speech in front of a stadium full of people. Your first thought may be, "I can never do that!". Stop right there and make yourself think "I can do that". It opens up a whole world of possibilities. Even if you don't believe yourself at first, your positive thinking will become a way of life over time.

Of course positive thinking will directly relate to your self image. Any defeating statements you think of yourself, turn them around the minute you are aware of your thought process. Focus on things that you are happy about. Turn "I look fat today" into "I'm having a great hair day". Start with small steps. It will be hard at first, but it will turn your whole life around, body, mind and spirit.

Now some crystals to help you in increasing self esteem, accepting yourself and self-love are Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite. All pink stones, relating to the Heart Chakra, where we emit and receive love energy and connect to universal love.

Next, to aid in your current liver situation, I highly recommend Red Jasper and Bloodstone. Red Jasper provides the physical energy to strengthen the organs and Bloodstone helps the liver clean the blood, regular blood volume and destroy old red blood cells.

You can choose to use this stones in any energy healing method, but I would suggest lying with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite on your heart. This may take months to years before all the hurt in your heart has been dissolved, depending on how deep the hurt is. Remember to clean, charge and program the crystals for what you want before you begin. You may also want to add on a Sunstone to help you keep focused on the positive, light, happy side of life.

Remember to keep affirming the positive affirmation that you have programmed your crystals for, especially in the beginning of using them.

For your liver, I would suggest making gem elixirs for drinking, placing them in your bathtub if you take baths and/or wearing them as bracelets. Also placing them on your body helps tremendously.

If you need any other crystal healing advice, we are here for you!

With love,
Sheila Satin


CRYSTALS: Grounding

QUESTION: Hi,What is the strongest grounding crystal that you sell, and what form is it available in? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. I can not say which is the strongest grounding crystal because everyone has an attraction to different stones, but I can tell you some popular ones and also ones that we prefer to use ourselves:

Golden Tigers Eye
Smoky Quartz
Mochi Balls
Black Tourmaline
Brown Jasper
This, of course is not an extensive list, but the most popular ones we have found among our clients and customers. You can find these in all forms on our online store at:

or in our retail shop at:
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If you prefer not to buy online, you can also use our online catalog for mail or phone order.
Sheila Satin
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QUESTION: Hi, i am new to crystals i currently own a Rose Quartz and Amethest i wear them on a chain together, i was wondering how to clean and charge or program them.

ANSWER: Thanks for your question.

I would suggest cleaning and charging your pendants on a large cluster. clusters with more points are best as they are constantly circulating focused energy through the tips. This will effectively clean and charge your stones, especially if the cluster is kept in the sunlight. I have large Quartz clusters I like to use, but you can use any cluster you have available. If you do not own any clusters, you can also use dry brown rice, another one of my favorite cleaning methods. You will want to place these also in the sunlight to charge.
You can also simply run them under tap water, but again, if they with metals or on a chain, this may tarnish the metal. So, for jewelry you should stay away from water when you are unsure of the outcome.
Dry sea salt is another popular cleaning method, but for polished stones this could lead to scratches, depending on the hardness of the crystal.
If you have any additional questions, i am happy to answer them for you. You can also feel free to call our retail shop during store hours!
Sheila Satin

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While on the subject of travel, we are off to Madrid, Spain and the shop will be CLOSED from September 5 - September 18, 2009.

You are still able to buy online: Satin Crystals Ebay and sign up for classes by leaving us a message at while we are away!

If you live in Spain and would like us to bring any crystals with us, let us know!

Sheila & Lisa Satin


EVENTS: Travel

QUESTION: do you have on line classes that i can study on my computer and learn at home i am not finacly stable i work two days a week and i need to learn everything all over again here in missouri its hard to study what i do and the materials are hard to find as well thnk you
ANSWER: Thanks for your email. We do not have any online classes at this time. However, if you do have a group of people who want to learn in your area, we do travel all over the world and teach and can come to you with the lessons and crystals!
The best way to reach me is or calling the store at 415-776-7446.
If you have any additional questions, I am happy to help you out,
Sheila Satin