Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Finding Answers with Pendulums

Pendulum Dowsing Tutorial
Using a pendulum to gain answers

The pendulum moves on the principle that it is reading your subconscious mind. Your subconscious has all the answers, but your conscious mind does not readily read. 
Crystals help to discern these answers. 

You can use any crystal pendulum for dowsing.  

1.   Hold the pendulum by the tip of the chain between your thumb & forefinger of your giving hand (right for  right-handed) 
2.   Hold the pendulum over your receiving hand. 
3.   Relax, be comfortable. 
4.   Focus your intent on the pendulum and ask it out loud or silently, “Which way is YES?” The pendulum will move one way. 
5.   Tell it to “STOP” or stop it physically.
6.   Focus your intent on the pendulum and ask it out loud or silently, “Which way is NO?” The pendulum will move another way. 
7.   You can now ask it YES or NO questions 

Note: You may need to practice focusing your intent or trying out different pendulums to see which one corresponds best with your energies. Movements may be small or larger, depending on how relaxed you are. It may take several months to let go of control and become proficient with a pendulum.

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