Sunday, July 29, 2012

New! Chakra Balancing Choker Necklaces

Chrysoprase Choker & Chain Necklace Pairing

Wear choker necklaces to prominently display your gemstones. Choker necklaces are also beneficial for balancing the Throat and Heart chakras, as the gemstones will lie over these areas on your body. Choker necklaces are also versatile neck wires which allow you to switch out the gemstone pendants according to your daily chakra energy needs. A new stock of unique chakra healing choker necklaces can now be found at I Dig Crystals. 

A few of the latest choker necklace creations include: 

Ground Heart Chakra Energy with Chrosprase & Lava Choker Necklace
Balance Heart Chakra with Moss Agate Choker Necklace
Bloodstone Butterfly Choker Necklace for the Heart Chakra

These and additional chakra balancing choker necklaces can be shopped for at:
I Dig Crystals

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