Friday, September 4, 2015

New Clusters: Quartz, Petrified Wood, Stilbite...

Malachite & Apophyllite Cluster

A new selection of natural stone clusters are now available in the I Dig Crystals shop. These include raw formations of Malachite, Quartz, Petrified Wood, Stilbite, Fluorite and more! Stand clusters upright for an earthy Feng Shui display or lie them flat for crystal healing practices. Here are a few of the latest mineral clusters at I Dig Crystals: 

Amethyst Cluster

White Calcite Cluster

Cubic Fluorite Cluster

Blue Kyanite Cluster

Glittering Petrified Wood Cluster

Clear Quartz Cluster

Chunky Quartz cluster

Stilbite Cluster

I Dig Crystals

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