Friday, June 5, 2015

Are these Real Rubies?

QUESTIONIm sorry to ask this question but are they actual gems?  And how can you sell them so cheap?  I love this pendant my girlfriend loves rubys.. I would hate to purchase a man made stone or a piece of glass.. and do you have a chain that could be available with it?  thank you and again Im sorry I hope this does not seem insulting in anyway..

ANSWERHi, thank you for your question. Yes these are actual Ruby gemstones. They are more affordable than your precious Ruby gemstones because they are of a lesser quality than the shiny translucent red gemstones you may be familiar with. If you are unfamiliar with Rubies, rough Rubies are actually opaque purple to pink stones. Rubies in the rough look like purple rocks (I have included a picture for you). The precious gemstone version is much more rare and comes very clear red and very small pieces. The pendant that you are inquiring about is all natural Rubies from India. I do not have a chain that goes with it at this time. 

I hope this information was helpful and feel free to write again about any I Dig Crystals products, 
Sheila Satin 

I Dig Crystals

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