Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Standup Slabs: Emerald & Lapis

Emerald Raw Slabs
We have two new mineral standup slabs at I Dig Crystals: Emerald and Lapis. If you are unfamiliar with rough Emeralds, you will find that the natural stones will vary in opaque and may contain many inclusions, patches and rocky veins. The green in the stone comes from traces of Chromium. These green stones are growing in a black matrix rock and are polished into free-form slabs. Both slabs can stand upright or be placed flat for healing work.
Lapis Lazuli Standup Slabs
The Lapis Lazuli standup is a royal blue crystal shimmering with gold flecks of iron Pyrite and white bands of Calcite. The genuine gemstone is polished into a free-form slab that can stand up on its own, vertically or horizontally. This unique Lapis Lazuli stand-up stone measures 5.6" high and can be displayed as a sculpture or used in healing practices.
I Dig Crystals

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