Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rich Aquamarine, Multi-Tourmaline, Chakra & More Bracelets

The newest selection of crystal healing bracelets is now online at I Dig Crystals. The latest batch includes stretch bracelets, wrap bracelets, chain bracelets and thin cuff bracelets created in all natural stones such as Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Pyrite and Frosted black Onyx. Pick your size when ordering, or if it's a one-of-kind piece that just won't fit your wrist, ask me for re-sizing possibilities!

Here are a few of the new crystal healing bracelets available:

Black Obsidian & White Agate Bracelet

Lava, Obsidian & Agate stretch bracelet

Amethyst & Rainbow Obsidian Silver bracelet

Rich blue Aquamarine round bracelet

Blue Calcite & Pyrite nugget bracelet

Frosted black Onyx bracelet

Pyrite & Quartz Healing bracelet

Multi-Tourmaline stretch bracelet

Tourmaline 5-coil bracelet

Unakite Flower thin cuff Bracelet

I Dig Crystals

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