Monday, December 17, 2012

Octopus, Genies and Kitty Pendants

A new batch of crystal healing pendants are now up for purchase on I Dig Crystals. Above you will see red Jasper and black Onyx merkaba pendants. Merkaba is a spiritual shape that unites mind, body, and spirit energies. The Merkaba is often used in meditations for its high vibrations.

Most of these new pendants are one-of-kind, and all are definitely unique in their inclusions, colors and patterns! Here is a small selection of the new stone creations:

Amber Octopus Pendant

Aventurine Star Genie Pendant

Indian Bloodstone Faceted Drop Pendant

Red Carnelian Sard Pendant

Sophisticated Kitty Pendant

Druzy Quartz Cluster Pendant

Shiny Blue Kyanite Hexagon Pendant

Blue Kyanite Point Pendant

Raw Lepidolite Sheet Pendant

Mahogany Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant

Turquoise Flower Pendant

To see all of the new pendants, sort the "pendant" category to "newest releases". 
Purchase these and additional crystal healing pendants at: 
I Dig Crystals

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