Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Study Stones

Custom Created Study Bracelet

Question: Hi, I'm an Aries and have been having a hard time concentrating on studying and staying motivated/thinking clearly. What stones would you recommend for me and would it be possible to custom-make a bracelet? How did you experience healing through wearing of stones/crystals? And do I wear them at all times or just when I study? I'm studying for a board exam and don't have much time left so would appreciate it if you could reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Answer:  Hi, the best healing stones for you to concentrate, motivate and think clearly would be Sodalite, Fluorite and Labradorite. Personally, Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, I keep a piece on my desk to keep me motivated to work. I have recommended Fluorite to many students or those needing to focus at their jobs with good feedback. Sodalite is a great healing stone for logical thinking and balancing mental energy. You would wear the healing stones while you are studying. It doesn't hurt to wear them all the time, but particularly you will want them while studying.

The best way to use these crystals for healing energies is to clean, charge and program them with your intent upon receiving them. You can find more instructions on these at my website www.idigcrystals.com under "Crystal Healing" tab.

As you do not have much time left, it would be best to look through my I Dig Crystals website and see if any of the crystals I suggested would work for you in the forms I already have created. Otherwise, I am happy to make custom items for you, however, I may now have the exact crystals in the shapes you want and will have to place an order with my vendors. This is of course possible, but it may take more time.

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals

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