Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camping at the Russian River

Refresh your soul and connect with the outdoors like I did this past weekend camping at the Russian River here in Northern California. We can remind ourselves that life does not revolve around technology and civilization, and truly appreciate the earth we are living in.

Of course you should never leave home without your crystals and nature is the perfect place to recharge their energies as well! Run them in a mesh bag in the river, charge them in the open moon light and wear them to keep you grounded to the present moment!

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Solar Powered Lantern

Fishing by the Russian River

Fresh nature growing over the dry

The 100's of years of a tree compared to humanity

The dusty summer forest floor waiting for the rains

My friends and I enjoying the tall trees

A tub of rocks!

The full moon sky

Sheila Satin 
I Dig Crystals

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