Friday, September 14, 2012

Lepidolite to Melt Stress

Question: Hi, I am interested in a wrap bracelet.  I found your company on Amazon when I ran a search for Lepidolite jewelry.  Do you make wrap bracelets to order?  If so I would like to order one.  I am particularly interested in healing stones for stress, anxiety. Blessings.

Answer: Hi, thank you for your email. Lepidolite is one of my favorites! It is a great stone to help alleviate stress, especially stress caused by overanalyzing. 

At the moment we have two Lepidolite wrap bracelets in stock:

Goshenite & Lepidolite Bracelet

Lepidolite Bracelet

If you are seeking something slightly different, we do custom orders as well. Just email me your requirements and we will go from there!

Sheila Satin

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