Monday, December 28, 2015

New Polished Stones for your Collection

A new selection of crystal healing spheres and pyramids are now available in the I Dig Crystals shop. These include luscious blue Lapis Lazuli, peach Moonstone, dark blue and green Aventurine, patterned Amethyst and navy Sodalite. Here is a small sampling of the latest stones:

Amethyst Spheres

Amethyst Pyramids

Aventurine Balls

Aventurine Pyramids

Bloodstone Balls

Moonstone Spheres

Moonstone Pyramids

Obsidian Pyramids

Tourmaline Balls

I Dig Crystals

Obsidian Merkaba Energy

Pure black Obsidian is carved into your new merkaba stone. Merkabas are eight-pointed stars used in energy healing to unite mind, body and spirit. Obsidian is the ultimate stone of protection against unwanted energies.

I Dig Crystals

Slaying the Obstacles with Phurbas

The Phurba is used in Tibetan rituals to slay obstacles, spirits and negative energy. Keep your Quartz phurbas nearby when performing energy healing rituals in the same vein!