Monday, October 12, 2015

Behind-the-Scenes: Photo Studio

My photo studio for I Dig Crystals and my little feline helper. 

I Dig Crystals

Custom Ecclectic Bracelet

A custom bracelet for a customer who wanted a myriad of crystal healing stones from I Dig Crystals. This one includes a large Amethyst nugget with green banded Malachite, pink Rose Quartz, leafy green Rhyolite, yellow Calcite, golden yellow Fluorite, brown Tigers Eye, translucent yellow Citrine, white and gray Howlite, clear Quartz, light blue Angelite, dark blue and gold Lapis Lazuli and a green Aventurine on a stretch bracelet strand.

Sparkling Chakra Sets

I created these mini portable chakra stone sets in mirrored boxes. As they are waiting to get listed onto I Dig Crystals, I caught them dancing with sunlight :)

I Dig Crystals