Monday, June 29, 2015

Malachite Menagerie

A new selection of Malachite carvings are now available in the I Dig Crystals shop. These are hand crafted figurines from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The genuine green banded stones are highly prized for their unique patterns and brilliant color. The new batch of Malachite animals include penguins, hippos, cats, birds, dogs, elephants and lions. 

Malachite Kitten Carvings

Malachite Dinosaur Pairs

Malachite Terapods

Malachite Dog Carvings

Malachite Dolpins

Malachite Elephant Sculptures

Malachite Fish Creatures

Malachite Hippo Figuirnes

Mighty Malachite Lion Figurines

Proud Penguin Figurines

Malachite Swan Collectibles

I Dig Crystals

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