Monday, March 30, 2015

How to use Jade Bowls

Hello -- I just received jadebowl01 (set of 2 jade bowls) and I’m not sure what to do with them.   I received them from my husband for my 65th birthday.  I tried to find them on your website to understand more about them.  Any information you can provide would be helpful.

Hello, first of all, Happy Birthday! Natural stone bowls can be used in many ways. If you do energy healing work, you can use them to energetically charge water to drink or food. You can also use them as "dream bowls" where you put in little pieces of paper listing what you want to manifest in life and place the bowls near your bedside when you sleep. You can also place small tumbled stones in the bowls and run your hands through for stress relief or for divination practices.
Some of the Properties of Jade: Jade is a dream crystal, aiding emotional release through dreams. Jade healing crystals can help you realize your full potential and attain purposeful goals. Jade also helps lift suppressed emotional issues and bring them to light for resolution. Jade is popular as a good luck and prosperity stone. Jade healing crystals open and balance the Heart Chakra.

Jade is found in many colors and in two forms: the rarer Jadeite and the more common Nephrite. Nephrite Jade ranges from medium to dark green with black inclusions. Nephrite Jade has been used for centuries for its classic beauty, and is mostly found in British Columbia, Canada.
If you don't do energy healing, then you can use them for display or place a white assortment of trinkets or even food items in the bowls. You can also place them in the appropriate corner of the house according to Feng Shui practices if you are familiar with Feng Shui.

I hope this gets some ideas going for your bowls!
Sheila Satin

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