Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hearts Beyond Valentines

Valentine's has gone and passed for the year, but heart crystals last forever. The heart is the most loving of shapes. When you think of your next gift for a beloved, pick out a special crystal heart. Each is unique and energetically charged for positive thoughts throughout the year. Here are just a few of the latest natural stone hearts available at I Dig Crystals

Amethyst Geode Hearts

Ocean Jasper Hearts

Rainbow Obsidian Hearts

Hematoid Quartz Hearts

Madagascar Rose Quartz Hearts

Soothing Serpentine Hearts

I Dig Crystals

Rich Amethyst Pyramids

A few new rich purple Indian Amethyst have been added to the I Dig Crystals shop. These are each unique in their natural color intensity, swirls of white Quartz and red Iron mineral inclusions. Check out the latest spiritual Amethyst pyramids at I Dig Crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Display Chrysanthemum Stone

Natural Chrysanthemum Stone is polished into your new crystal healing display slab. This is a black stone with unique white flowered patterns. The stone is carved, polished and glossed into a free-form slab. The unique Chrysanthemum Stone is secured in a painted brown wood stand and measures a total of 4 inches high.

Chrysanthemum Stone healing crystals bring energy that helps you overcome obstacles to joy, love and abundance. It balances your physical and spiritual self, and it is said that the flower pattern represents the burst of energy that is love, joy and abundance, bringing them into your life. The Chrysanthemum Stone healing crystal can help open and balance the Root Chakra.

These are one-of-kind Chrysanthemum Stone slabs found at I Dig Crystals while supplies last. Each will vary in its flower markings. 


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Cobras, Cats & Celtic Charms

A Big Hoop Statement

Make a statement with large hoop earrings dangling with natural stones like Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Pietersite, Red Lava, Malachite and more. Hoop earrings really dress up an outfit and get you noticed. Be different, be bold and be one of a kind! Here are just a few of the latest natural stone hoop earrings available at I Dig Crystals
Blue Lace Agate Hoop Earrings

Aventurine Hoop Earrings

Dumortierite Hoop Earrings

Kyanite Hoop Earrings

Volcanic Lava Hoop Earrings

Malachite Gemstone Hoop Earrings

Moonstone Hoop Earrings

Pietersite Hoop Earrings

Quartz Natural Stone Hoop Earrings

I Dig Crystals

Obsidian Globe Locket Earrings

These sterling silver globes open and close to secure your most treasured stones. Natural Mahogany Obsidian hangs in your new crystal healing globe locket earrings. Mahogany Obsidian is a glassy black volcanic crystal with red inclusions. Because of a high concentration of iron, it has reddish-brown coloring, with black inclusions, and resembles fine grains of mahogany wood. The Mahogany Obsidian has been tumbled into freeform nuggets and secured in sterling silver globe orb charms. The charms have tiny clasps which can open if you want to replace the stones. The sterling silver globes hang from sterling silver french hooks. The unique Mahogany Obsidian globe earrings each measure 1.5 inch long.

These are one of a kind earrings found at I Dig Crystals.

I Dig Crystals

Quirky Jewelry for NYC Lovers

Lovers of the Big Apple will enjoy our latest earring creations inspired by New York city charms. Check out the one-of-kind New York jewelry while they last:

I Dig Crystals

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Valentines of Hearts

Natural stones are polished into hearts to emit the all-important energy of love. Hold stone hearts during meditation, Reiki rituals and manifestation practices. Place the heart directly on the chakras during crystal healing grids. Gift crystal hearts to those you care about - friends, family and significant others. Hearts symbolize universal love. Gift your loved ones with a unique crystal healing heart this Valentine's. Here are just some of the latest natural stones hearts you will find at I Dig Crystals:

Amethyst Cluster Hearts

Ocean Jasper Hearts

Rainbow Obsidian Hearts

Hematoid Quartz Hearts

Rose Quartz Hearts

Serpentine Hearts

I Dig Crystals

Chakra & Massage Wands

In store we now have a few unique chakra wands and relaxing massage wands. The Chakra wands are created from tumbled stones and pyramid carved stones. The massage wands are polished smooth for direct use on the skin. Here are just a few of the latest wands available at I Dig Crystals:

Chakra Pyramid Wand

Hematite Massage Wand

Obsidian Wands

Massage Wand Sets

I Dig Crystals

New Balls: Bloodstone, Obsidian, Lapis

A new selection of natural crystal healing sphere have arrived at I Dig Crystals. Many come with display stands to use as Feng Shui in your healing spaces. Others come in pairs to use as stress balls. Here are just a few of the latest natural stone balls available in our store right now:

Dark Amethyst Spheres

Indian Bloodstone Balls

Howlite Stone Balls

Lapis Lazuli Balls

Mahogany Obsidian Orbs

Sodalite Spheres

I Dig Crystals