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Monthly Special: Obsidian

Our crystal of the month is Obsidian and its many different formations. Enjoy 20% off Obsidian crystals at I Dig Crystals in February 2015. Learn more about this protective stone, a must-have in your crystal collection:

Obsidian is a volcanic rock that forms when lava solidifies so quickly that surrounding minerals have no time to crystallize. For example, the lava may flow into a lake or ocean and solidify immediately! 

Obsidian is harder than glass, a 5-6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and has a Conchoidal fracture (breaks like glass), so it was popularly used to form razor sharp edges to create weapons, tools, ornaments. Its reflective surface made it popular as a mirror and scrying ball. Scrying is a type of divination where the scryer gazes into the surface of the crystal to obtain images to answer their questions.

Obsidian is still used today as chess pieces, piano keys and even for surgery. Obsidian is sharper than the surgical scalpel, so it was used for precision work in cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery and eye surgery.

Some places where Obsidian can be found include Iceland, Italy, Japan, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Hungary, Oregon and Obsidian Cliff Yellowstone Wyoming
Energetically – Obsidian is the ultimate healer’s stone.
  • Transmutes negative to positive energy, protecting your aura from absorbing others’ unwanted energies. Great to wear, place in your healing area and grid your space with Obsidian. 
  •  Helps in letting go – place Obsidian at your solar plexus to bring the imbalance to the surface, releasing the past, old loves, old baggage, etc. 
  • Hold or wear for Grounding energy. 
  • Use an Obsidian Ball for scrying/crystal ball gazing.
  • Drink as an elixir or place over the stomach for any problems related to this area – digestion, nausea, ulcers, intestines 
  • Place over bites, stings and swelling to reduce the pain.

Black is the base color of all Obsidian, but it also comes in a variety of shades.
Variations of Obsidian:

Mahogany Obsidian
= hematite brings a reddish brown inclusion to the black

Snowflake Obsidian = fan-like arrangement of white Spherulite crystals form over the black Obsidian after it has cooled making them look like snowflakes.
*Releases negative thoughts and brings in the light of positive thinking

Rainbow Obsidian = layers of bubbles interfere with the light penetrating the black Obsidian and you will see rainbow colors in the right angle. Rainbow Obsidian can contain any bands and sheen of color, does not necessarily mean it will have all of the colors of the rainbow.
*Brings joy and happiness
*Unhooks unhealthy relationships from your heart
Gold & Silver Sheen Obsidian = tiny gas bubbles form a silver or gold sheen color seen in the black Obsidian.
*Helps you to focus on your goals and teaches patience in the process

Apache Tears
= transparent black Obsidian nuggets
*Aids in grief, mourning and brings forgiveness

Personal Experience
I have used Rainbow Obsidian extensively. I learned my lesson the first time I did some official Crystal Healing Sessions. I did three clients in a row and forgot to protect myself with Obsidian. I was weak and sick for the whole week after! I have never forgotten it since! I like to wear Obsidian while doing healings, when I am going to encounter negative and draining personalities or just for the look and feel of it. I used to wear it a lot when working at the front desk as a library clerk and would have to deal with cranky patrons and their complaints about fees, so I always recommend it to anyone in customer service and especially those who work in hospitals, where a lot of sickness and spirits are flowing freely! 

The more brilliant the colors, the higher the value of the stone to the wearer. Obsidian comes in all kinds of jewelry. Rainbow Obsidian jewelry is one of our top selling crystals at I Dig Crystals.

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