Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snow Quartz dotted with Chakra Stones

Natural Snow Quartz and Chakra healing crystals are strung on your new stretch bracelet. The natural stones are polished into 9mm to 10mm round beads. The Snow Quartz is a translucent white crystal strung on sturdy bracelet stretch cord with the following chakra stones:

Crown Chakra: Translucent Purple Fluorite

Third Eye Chakra: Blue & White Sodalite

Throat Chakra: Glacier Blue Angelite

Heart Chakra: Translucent Green Fluorite

Solar Chakra: Bright Yellow Aragonite

Sacral Chakra: Orange Red Aventurine

Root Chakra: Red Carnelian Agate 

Choose your preferred bracelet size when ordering your new I Dig Crystals Snow Quartz stretch bracelet dotted with Chakra crystals.

I Dig Crystals

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