Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Animal Carvings: Koalas, Dinosaurs, Armadillos...

Soapstone Dinosaurs
We have a new selection of carved animal figurines. From ancient times healing crystals have been carved and shaped into objects of beauty, practical implements and tools of mystical power. Today healing crystals are still worked and polished into many different forms that are both decorative and used for crystal healing.

These shapes also may occur naturally in healing crystal stones, and the meanings and practical applications for these shapes are similar for both carved and natural stones. Many people feel that naturally shaped stones have more intrinsic healing qualities than carved and shaped stones. Yet many crystals and gemstones are carved into animal shapes and forms, and are often used for meditation and to help you connect in a metaphysical manner.

Here are a few of the latest one-of-kind animal figurines for purchase at I Dig Crystals: 

Armadillo Soapstone Figurines

Soapstone Lucky Elephant Carvings

Soapstone Abundance Pig

Fluorite Turtle on Stone Mound

Blue Opal Koala on Black Onyx


I Dig Crystals

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