Monday, February 24, 2014

Polished Eggs on Stands

Most I Dig Crystals Eggs now come with display stands. When you aren't using them for crystal healing, chakra balancing and massage, keep your eggs proudly displayed on their stands for a natural and earthy home decoration. Check out the latest polished stone eggs on display stands at I Dig Crystals

Orthoceras Fossil Egg

Spotted Ocean Jasper Egg

Orbicular Ocean Jasper Egg

Genuine Malachite Egg

Banded Malachite Egg

Pink Rhodochrosite Egg


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rough Royal Blue Lapis Lazuli

Two sets of natural Lapis Lazuli rough stones are now available at I Dig Crystals.These are deep blue stones with white Calcite streaks and glittering gold Pyrite inclusions. The Lapis stones remain in their rough formation, rocky on some sides and sliced smoother on others. Both of the Lapis stones can stand on their sides for display or lie flat for crystal healing layouts.

Lapis is known as the Stone of Total Awareness. Lapis healing crystals are stones of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Lapis also encourages self-awareness,allows self-expression, and reveals inner truth, promoting the qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality. Lapis stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity.


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What the Fox Means

The fox reminds us to be vigilant against tricksters and deceptive relationships. The fox teaches us to use your wits in dealing with obstacles in our life. Keep fox figurines around for guidance when you feel lost and overwhelmed. Find Fox figurines at I Dig Crystals shop.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Stone Keychains make easy gifts

Quartz & Amethyst Silver Keychain Pair
For those hard to shop for, stone key chains make an easy gift. Only the sturdiest of stones are created to carry with your keys. Ready for every day use, these natural stone keychains combine functionality with portability of crystal healing energy. Check out the latest stock of stone keychains at I Dig Crystals

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Animal Carvings: Koalas, Dinosaurs, Armadillos...

Soapstone Dinosaurs
We have a new selection of carved animal figurines. From ancient times healing crystals have been carved and shaped into objects of beauty, practical implements and tools of mystical power. Today healing crystals are still worked and polished into many different forms that are both decorative and used for crystal healing.

These shapes also may occur naturally in healing crystal stones, and the meanings and practical applications for these shapes are similar for both carved and natural stones. Many people feel that naturally shaped stones have more intrinsic healing qualities than carved and shaped stones. Yet many crystals and gemstones are carved into animal shapes and forms, and are often used for meditation and to help you connect in a metaphysical manner.

Here are a few of the latest one-of-kind animal figurines for purchase at I Dig Crystals: 

Armadillo Soapstone Figurines

Soapstone Lucky Elephant Carvings

Soapstone Abundance Pig

Fluorite Turtle on Stone Mound

Blue Opal Koala on Black Onyx


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Work on the Third Eye Chakra

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20% off Third Eye Chakra healing crystals in February!

The Third Eye Chakra is connected to mental energy and the six senses. The third eye is the chakra that is responsible for what we call "second sight,” or intuitive perception. It is through the third eye that people see ghosts, auras and other non-visible phenomena. The perceptions of the third eye are not limited by time or space. The Third Eye Chakra sees energy patterns, and it is not limited by distance, time and space. So focusing on the Third Eye, you can see things that are happening on the other side of the world. You can see things that happened in the past. And you can see potential events that happen in the future.
Third Eye Chakra – At the Brow/Forehead
SANSKRIT: Ajna = to know and to command
  • The physical eye sees, the mind’s eye or third eye knows.
  • Visualizations, picture-making relates to higher consciousness and is far more powerful than empty words. Creative writers, artists and metaphysicians have always understood the power of the internal picture.
  • Connected to the five senses and the sixth sense – psychic connection, which everyone has, but most of us have blocked it.
  • This is where we receive and implement good ideas. When mentally balanced, we are able to think logically and calmly.
  • Associated with Cognition
  • Physically = related to Mind, Brain, Eyes
  • When Malfunctioning = we receive distorted ideas, dangerous logic that can lead to harming others, writer’s block, no follow through, overanalyzing, eye problems, confusion, indecision, headaches.
  • When open = we are forced to question why we exist, the meaning of life, the passing of time and space – we are able to see the big picture rather than get caught up in the small details of every day life!

Energizing Third Eye Chakra:
* Indigo crystals like Iolite, Lapis, Sodalite
* Third eye and Intuition stones – Third eye Agate, Moldavite, Lepidolite
* Listening to your intuition
* Being fully aware of your surroundings
* Practice Psychometry – receiving impressions about an object, its history and owners.

Save 20% on select Third Eye Chakra Crystals for the month of February!

Crystal Therapy Stones

Carnelian & Labradorite Therapy Stones
Smooth and Chunky Therapy Stones fit perfectly in your hands for crystal healing, massage and reflexology. These are natural stones which have a high polish, making them sturdy for every day use. Check out the latest stock of crystal healing Therapy Stones at I Dig Crystals.


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