Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shine with Sheen & Rainbow Obsidians

When air bubbles and shiny Mica minerals get trapped in the fast cooling lava that creates Obsidian, we get brilliant crystals like Sheen Obsidian and Rainbow Obsidian! Obsidian has long proven to be a favorite in protecting ourselves from negativity, helping to transmute it so our auras are not depleted by this unwanted energies. Keep Obsidian spheres on your desk or healing space. Hold Obsidian eggs and use them directly on the body for massage to help let go of your past baggage.

A few of the latest Rainbow Obsidian and Sheen Obsidian crystals available at I Dig Crystals include: 

Rainbow Obsidian Egg with Wood Stand
Silver Sheen Obsidian with Midnight Lace Obsidian Ring

Select Rainbow Obsidian Balls

One-of-Kind Rainbow Obsidian Triple Heart Crystal

I Dig Crystals

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