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Back to the Basics: What are Healing Crystals?

Natural crystals give out vibrational energy. This energy is usually positive and is beneficial to the person touching the crystal. The person’s well-being, balance, and wholeness are improved due to the energy emanated by the crystal.

Amethyst Healing Crystal Angel Pendant
Different crystals and gemstones give out different levels of energy, making for a wide range of effects. One example is emeralds, which improve a person’s body in areas like breathing, the heart, blood circulation, the pancreas, and eyesight. Another example of a crystal with healing powers is the amethyst. Aside from helping hormones and helping improve the function of the circulatory system, the cleansing organs, the immune system, and metabolism, the amethyst healing crystal is also one of the best stones to use for relieving stress and soothing the nervous system.

Science has established that crystals vibrate at constant frequencies. Quartz, for example, is used in watches because of this very fact. A crystal is also used in some gas lighters as it is able to produce a spark when a force is applied to it. This is known as the piezo-electric effect where an electric field is produced when a crystal is squeezed or stretched. This effect was discovered by an engineer in 1927. It was determined that by applying voltage to certain crystals they would vibrate at a constant rate of anything between 33,000 to over 4 million times per second. So the fact that crystals do have energetic properties is well known.

There is also evidence that crystals have been used for thousands of years. All living things have a life force. Whether or not one believes in the concept of a soul, this force/energy/chi/qi, can still be experienced in terms of heat and electrical. Medical science uses various instruments to measure and monitor these energies. From the simple thermometer to the very high-tech equipment used to monitor heart rate or brain activity.

Where crystals have their own individual vibrational quality it is believed that they are able to interact and influence the different layers of our individual auras and the chakra energy centers of our bodies. It is believed that negative or stagnant energy can accumulate in the aura, which can have an adverse effect on the person. Releasing or freeing this negative energy can help to create and maintain a state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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