Friday, February 15, 2013

Fresh Minerals on Wood & Moss

A new selection of rare crystal healing minerals are now available at I Dig Crystals. Some of these unique minerals come with wood slices to create a natural display in your home or space. Other minerals come from an old rock collection, arriving to you encased in a clear box embedded with fresh green moss.

Each of these minerals is one-of-kind, so if you see the ones you like, I'd recommend snatching them up now! Here are a few of the latest crystal healing minerals on wood and moss:

Dioptase on Feldspar Cluster

White Barite on Moss

Purple Fluorite & Barite on Wood Display

Red Hemimorphite on Moss

Green Malachite Cluster on Wood Slice

Okenite Cluster on Moss

Galena with Quartz & Malachite on Wood

Blue Opalite on Wood Circle

Youngite Cluster on Wood Slice Display

I Dig Crystals

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