Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clarity & Intuition Crystal Sets

Clear the tension in your physical eyes and expand the awareness in your third eye with these Clarity and Intuition crystal healing sets.

The Clarity set includes two Ulexite slabs to place over the eyelids and suck out tension in the eyes and one raw purple Lepidolite Mica slab to release tension from the Third eye. Place the Lepidolite crystal in the middle of your forehead, where your Third Eye chakra is located to aid in releasing tension caused by overanalyzing. Clear the way for solutions to arrive!

The Intuition set includes two Ulexite slabs for the eyes and one blue Kyanite blade. The raw blue Kyanite crystal is excellent in opening the Third Eye so you can better trust your instincts. Access your intuition and clear out the doubts of the conscious mind!

Both of these crystal healing sets are limited-edition and can be found at I Dig Crystals. 


I Dig Crystals

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