Monday, December 17, 2012

Calming Anxiety with Rhodonite

Question: HI Sheila, I apologize for not letting you know I received the Lepidolite bracelet.  I love it! I've been ill for a while and it helped a great deal.  
Do you have raw tumbled rhodalite?  You know, the pink and black stone?  I had a frog made of that stone and really was attached to it but when my daughter moved to Florida 7 years ago I sent it along with her as a good look token.  It must have worked because she is now happily married with a beautiful daughter of her own and has just been certified to teach.  She also snagged a cute home on a lake with an oddly helpful water spirit.  I'd forgotten about the stone until I had a severe panic attack and she pulled it out of her purse and handed it to me.  Wow!  Did that bring back memories... and helped calm my attack.  Anyway, I am interested in a palm sized raw tumbled "chunk" of Rhodalite if you can help.

Answer: Hi, it's great to hear from you and to hear that your Lepidolite bracelet is helping to balance your energies.

Do you mean Rhodonite? It is also a pink and black stone. I do have Rhodonite jewelry:

Or, if you are particularly looking for tumbled stones, I can refer you to my mother's website, Sunny Crystals, as she specializes in loose stones:

If you are referring to Rhodolite Garnet which is usually just red, I can ask her specifically to look for some during their next buying trip!

Sheila Satin

I Dig Crystals

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