Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Magical Mica, Magnetite & Magnesite

Mica Bracelets
Relatively rare to find in their natural form, we now offer genuine Mica, Magnetite and Magnesite crystal healing jewelry at I Dig Crystals.

Mica is usually found in very delicate sheet formations and is therefore not that easy to make into jewelry. We have found some highly polished Mica beads that show a brilliant gold sheen. These Mica beads have been strung as flexible stretch bracelets.

Black Magnetite Bracelets

Magnetite is easily found in its man-magnetized formation, but we have found some in the stone's natural form of black sheen and some in black and green. These do not have the same magnetic quality as man-magnetized Magnetite, but they do have the healing properties of natural Magnetite.

Genuine Magnesite Jewelry
Magnesite is often found in the market dyed to simulate cheap version of other stones like Turquoise and Howlite. Here we have found some genuine white Magnesite stones, beautiful in their natural white state, sometimes showing interesting brown veins.

Enjoy natural Mica, Magnetite and Magnesite jewelry at I Dig Crystals while they last:
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