Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunshine for your Crystals

Question: The sun came out Sheila so I left the crystals in my window. Is there supposed to be a set time they need to be exposed to the sun for? How do I know if they got enough sun? I'm sorry, these questions must sound so silly to you lol..I just want to do it right. Thanks!

Answer Hi, don't worry, you can send me as many crystal healing related questions as you wish. That's what I am here for! 

When I obtain a new crystal I like to charge it in the sunlight (or moonlight) for at least one day's cycle. After that, it can remain in the sun (if the crystal is not susceptible to fading), in a sunny window or kept completely out of the sun. Sun energy is especially useful for the crystals you want to program with powerful physical healing energy (as opposed to intuitive emotional healing in the Moonlight). You can read more about charging crystals on our website.

Sheila Satin 

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