Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shop our Amber for Crystal Healing

Though technically not a crystal, amber formed in ancient forests and bogs from two main ingredients; tree resin and insects.

Amber Healing Crystal Pendant
Energetically, amber is a wonderful tool for capturing negativity, pain and stress to allow healing of all chakras. Place amber in your pocket for hip pain or wear amber as a necklace to absorb and transmute negative energies.

It is important to note that because amber contains both tree energy and insect energy, we can tap into those qualities for healing as well. Tree energy reflects “self” and connection to earth and sky. With tree energy we can become more grounded. Follow the energy of resin and find that nutrients and water from the soil combine with energy from the sun to make this valuable protection for the tree. With its golden color and tree source, we can use amber to transmute negative energy into positive, to feel more grounded and to clear the solar plexus, or 3rd chakra, which holds the energy of confidence and self empowerment.

The insect energy found in amber may hold a myriad of benefits; insight, wisdom, transmutation and transformation, adaptability and strength. As a result, we can use amber to heal and balance all chakras. Use amber with natural citrine and feel not only the benefits of releasing negativity but also the citrine benefit of bringing in or attracting new energy, or manifesting goals.

Because natural amber feels similar to plastic, imitation amber (synthetic plastic) may fool you. Only buy amber from a reputable dealer if you want authentic amber and all the energy healing properties amber offers.  You can shop our selection of amber healingcrystal accessories here.

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