Friday, August 17, 2012

The Second Chakra: Let's Get Creative

The second chakra is known as the sacral plexus chakra, spleen chakra or sexual chakra. It is located in the lower abdomen behind and approximately two inches from the belly button, in the area of the womb.

The second chakra is represented by the orange Svadhistthana mandala (or “one’s own place”), the element of water and is also symbolised by a fish. 

This chakra is considered the source of creativity and inspiration. It is the foundation of what is considered the emotional body, and influences our ability to feel emotions, sensations and atmospheres, and controls our ability to let go of our emotions. The second chakra influences our sexuality and sensuality, physical force, sexual and ardent love, open-mindedness, our ability to yield and getting along with others.

This chakra physically impacts the lower abdomen, spleen, liver, bladder, kidneys, sexual organs, reproduction and fertility. When the sacral plexus chakra is performing correctly, a person will feel healthy, open, friendly, imaginative, creative and focused.

When this chakra is balanced it encourages intuition, a good frame of mind, energy and success. It helps us learn from our experiences, and provides us with the focus we need to achieve our ambitions. To learn more about the chakras and to locate chakra healing crystals for your own use, please visit our website.

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