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The Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra

Chakras are energy centers that mediate life force energy between the energy field, the unified field, other people, the environment, and the physical body.  Through this circulation of energy, chakras nourish the body and its physiological systems, having the greatest energetic influence on the area of the body nearest to its location.  

The major chakras are positioned along the central vertical axis of the body, beginning at the perineum ending at the top of the head. The Sanskrit name for the 4th chakra is "Anahata." This word means "unstruck" or "stillness."

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The 4th chakra is located in our heart center. It governs our intuition and love. It is also known as the heart chakra

Parts of the body associated with the 4th chakra: Thymus, heart, lungs, chest, arms and breasts.

The primary color for the 4th chakra is green and the secondary color is pink. The element for the 4th chakra is air. The sense for the 4th chakra is touch and feeling.

The emotion of the heart chakra is compassion and joy. The 4th chakra feels the suffering of others.

When the 4th chakra is deficient, you may experience feelings of shyness and loneliness, an inability to forgive or a lack of empathy. Physical conditions can include shallow breathing, asthma, and some lung diseases.

When the 4th chakra is excessive one may experience co-dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, heart problems and high blood pressure.

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