Thursday, August 30, 2012

New! Crystal Healing Wire Wrapped Pendants

Purple Striped Fluorite Heart Pendant

A new selection of crystal healing wire wrapped pendants are now available for your collection, exclusively at I Dig Crystals. Wearing crystal healing pendants allows you to carry the energy of the stone with you throughout the day. Wear these unique pendants on your favorite chain, choker or necklace cord, and rotate the pendants depending on your mood of the day! Wrapping natural crystals in wire allows us to offer you healing pendants in all shapes and sizes, from heart stones to clusters to undrilled tumbled stones. 

A few of the latest one-of-kind pendants include:

Amethyst Geode Cluster Pendant

Howlite Crown Chakra Pendant

Kunzite Heart Chakra Pendant

Kyanite Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant

Malachite Copper Wire Pendant

Pink Opal Statement Accessory Pendant

Rhodochrosite Natural Stone Pendant

These and many other crystal healing jewelry pieces can be found at: 
I Dig Crystals

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