Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why You Should Use Quartz Healing Crystals

The energy radiating from quartz crystals naturally resonates in harmony with human energy. When used this way, the term “resonates” means it reinforces naturally occurring oscillations because the frequency of the quartz crystal is the same as the frequency of its source.

Amethyst Necklace Light Purple Drop Crystal Healing Gemstone

Quartz crystals are, by their very nature, in harmony with the life force in what’s considered their “raw” state. The specific internal formation of each quartz crystal provides a constant harmony that helps you stay in tune.

You can hold crystals, meditate with them, carry or even sleep with them under your pillow, for example,  to experience their unique energy. Because each crystal is a distinct entity with its own harmonic frequency, it can make a difference which quartz crystals you choose to use.  It all depends on what type of energy you want or need.

The human body acts as a big receiving instrument for natural quartz crystals. In fact, our bodies have highly specialized parts designed to receive and translate distinct frequencies in such a way that they make sense. These “parts” include eyes, ears, even our skin. Using this correlation, your brain is then the tuner and your nervous system the antennae. Crystals can function like a satellite dish or radar. They can extend, enhance, and amplify your own natural abilities. The primary function of Quartz Crystal is to boost and amplify energy.

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