Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NEW! Gemstone Stretch Bracelets

Chrysoprase gemstone stretch bracelet

New gemstone healing stretch bracelets are now available on I Dig Crystals. Wear gemstone bracelets for fashion, crystal therapy and reiki energy. Each gemstone bracelet is unique in color and inclusions. Most of the stretch bracelets are one of a kind, so get them while they last!

A few of the new stretch bracelet creations that you will find at I Dig Crystals include:

Bloodstone & Quartz gemstone stretch bracelet

Chrysocolla & Lapis crystal healing bracelet

Jet & Howlite gemstone stretch bracelet

Rainbow Obsidian & Marble crystal healing bracelet

Raw Black Tourmaline stretch bracelet for men and women

These gemstone stretch bracelets and many other crystal healing jewelry creations can be found while available at: 
I Dig Crystals

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