Thursday, July 12, 2012

Citrine Healing Crystals for Prosperity

Do you love the subtle amber glow of Citrine? Citrine crystals are a variety of quartz and are closely related to amethysts.

One of the key attributes of citrine healing crystals are their ability to soothe fear and anxiety.
Citrine Healing Crystals Bracelet
The meaning of the name “citrine” comes from the Greek word meaning "citron," as many early citrine healing crystals that were discovered had a color similar to the citrus fruit that bears the same name. 

The citrine’s properties that the crystals are most well known are their ability to aide in the  manifestation of prosperity.

The citrine’s ability to activate the solar plexus (which is considered the seat of the will) is believed to help us be more decisive about what we bring into our lives.

Citrine Healing Crystals Pendant
This crystal has been found in many locations, including France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Spain, the United States and Brazil. Its color varies according to the location where it is found, and whether or not it has been heat treated. Natural citrines can range in color from a very pale yellow to a deeper honey color depending on its point of origin. 

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