Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New! Natural Stone Coil Wrap Bracelets

Natural Pyrite Stone 4-coil Wrap Bracelet

Wrap coil bracelets around your wrist for a layered look in one crystal healing creation! These bracelets are beaded with natural stones, wood and accent beads. Make a statement with your new coil bracelet, while keeping the crystal's energies within your aura for healing throughout the day.

The newest selection of crystal healing coil bracelets include:

Rhodonite Heart Chakra Balancing Wrap Bracelet

Quartz Crystal healing Wrap Bracelet

Moss Agate Natural Lovers Healing Bracelet

These unique bracelets can be shopped for while they last at: 

I Dig Crystals


Monday, July 30, 2012

Aragonite & Lapis: sunshine and blue skies...

Aragonite & Lapis Crystal Healing Bracelet

Lift your mood with this Aragonite and Lapis crystal healing stretch bracelet. The Aragonite is a cheery yellow crystal that helps to center yourself. With balance you can face life's rollercoaster worry-free! The Lapis is a dark blue crystal, known to bring deep peace, like looking out into the calm ocean waters.

This Aragonite & Lapis stretch bracelet was featured in the Bonanza Handpicked treasury: "Sunshine and Blue Skies"

Purchase this and a wide selection of crystal healing jewelry at: 
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tektite Pendulum for Root Chakra Energy

Black Tektite Pendulum for Root Chakra Balancing

Besides general dowsing (accessing your subconscious for yes and no answers), you can use this black Tektite Pendulum to balance the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is your energy connection to this Earth, the present moment and physical energy. Black crystals like this Tektite stone help to ground your Root Chakra when used in crystal healing and reiki practices. 

Product Description: Natural Tektite healing crystal hangs from your new reiki energy pendulum. This is a black healing crystal full of divots and inclusions. The healing Tektite crystal hangs from a silver plated pendulum chain. Use crystal pendulums for chakra healing, dowsing and reiki energy. Hang pendulums in your windowsills, carry them in a pouch, use them for dowsing and other energy healing work like chakra diagnosis and reiki treatments.

To shop for this Tektite Pendulum and a variety of other pendulums, visit:
I Dig Crystals

For a tutorial on Pendulum use, visit: 
Pendulum Tutorial


New! Chakra Balancing Choker Necklaces

Chrysoprase Choker & Chain Necklace Pairing

Wear choker necklaces to prominently display your gemstones. Choker necklaces are also beneficial for balancing the Throat and Heart chakras, as the gemstones will lie over these areas on your body. Choker necklaces are also versatile neck wires which allow you to switch out the gemstone pendants according to your daily chakra energy needs. A new stock of unique chakra healing choker necklaces can now be found at I Dig Crystals. 

A few of the latest choker necklace creations include: 

Ground Heart Chakra Energy with Chrosprase & Lava Choker Necklace
Balance Heart Chakra with Moss Agate Choker Necklace
Bloodstone Butterfly Choker Necklace for the Heart Chakra

These and additional chakra balancing choker necklaces can be shopped for at:
I Dig Crystals

New! Reiki Healing Beaded Necklaces

Eclectic Mix of Gemstone Beaded Necklaces for Reiki Healing

Adorn your aura with reiki healing beaded necklaces. A new selection of gemstone beaded necklaces is now available online at I Dig Crystals. Wear these beaded necklaces while practicing reiki for crystal healing energies like protection, release and the promotion of self-healing. Wearing gemstone beaded necklaces keep your hands free while doing reiki on clients or performing self-healing reiki.

A few of the latest reiki healing beaded necklaces include:

Angelite Beaded Bird Necklace

Kyanite & Rainbow Obsidian Contemplative Necklace

Malachite & Rainbow Obsidian Reiki Protection Necklace

Quartz Gemstone Necklace: The Key to Self-Healing

Chunky Tigers Eye & Holy Rudraksha Choker Necklace

I Dig Crystals

New! Crystal Healing Chain Necklaces

Natural Crystal Healing Chain Necklaces

The latest selection of crystal healing chain necklaces can be found on I Dig Crystals today. These steel and aluminum chains dangle with unique crystal healing gemstones and eclectic charms. Wear these for a lightweight but fashionable look while keeping your aura encompassed in the crystal's healing energies throughout the day!

A few of the latest crystal healing chain necklaces include: 

Amethyst Heart Necklace with Zodiac pendant

Jade Ring Travel Themed Necklace

Raw White Kunzite healing crystal chain necklace

Tektite & Peanut Charm Chain Necklace
These are more crystal healing chain necklaces can be found at: 
I Dig Crystals

Learn how Reiki can help you heal

The practice of Reiki is a form of energy healing in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, which is often referred to as “laying on of hands.”

Reiki can also be performed as a form of prayer. According to many versions of its origin, Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese seeker of spiritual truths, brought the Reiki method of healing into human awareness in 1922, after what he described to be a deep spiritual experience. He began sharing his knowledge and teaching others after a major earthquake struck Japan and he decided it was necessary for him to spread his knowledge.

In an actual Reiki session, the practitioner transfers what is called universal life energy to the client. The purpose is to create deep relaxation, help speed healing, relieve pain, and decrease other physical symptoms you may be experiencing.

For our next post we will be focusing on the meaning of Reiki symbols. Do you have questions about Reiki or healing crystals?  Send them in and I’ll post my responses right here.   

I Dig Crystals

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Reiki Master

Reiki Healing Angel Jewelry

QUESTION: My wife is a Reiki Master and I'm looking for crystals to give her as a gift

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. If you don't have anything specific in mind, we can recommend to you a few healing crystals that other Reiki Masters have found helpful in their practice:

Quartz - to enhance self-healing for the client & expand the reiki healer's healing energies

Obsidian - to protect the reiki healer from the client's unwanted energies from entering the healer's aura, thus keeping the healer safe from fatigue and attachment

Amethyst - to call in the universal forces in aiding the reiki healer's session, connecting with the spiritual energies during healing

Sacred Figures - if your wife is comforted by a particular deity or figurine, I would consider these as a gift as well:

Kwan Yin - The Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, looking after all of our souls before she ascends

Ganesh - The hindu elephant god - Remover of Obstacles and Bringer of Wealth

Angels - connecting to the angelic realms

Cross - for lightworkers, those who are doing positive healing work in the light

You may click on the names to take you to the right page on our website for gift ideas and purchase. If you have any additional questions, we are always happy to help you out. You can use our live email button on our website or email us at idigcrystals@gmail.com

Whatever you choose, I am sure your wife will be thrilled with your thoughtful crystal healing gift!

Sheila Satin

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New! Gemstone Dangle Earrings

Chrysoprase Gemstone Hoop Earrings

The latest selection of natural crystal healing gemstone earrings can now be found at I Dig Crystals. Wear gemstone earrings for fashion, crystal healing and reiki energy. Keep positive energies with you throughout the day. Gemstone earrings help to balance the left and right brain energies. The majority of our gemstone earrings are one-of-kind, so shop while the chance presents itself!

A few of the newest gemstone dangle earrings include: 

Genuine Baltic Amber Beaded Earrings

Carnelian Crescent Moon Long Dangle Earrings

Genuine Earth Chrysocolla Beaded Earrings

Goshenite Reiki Healing Earrings

Iolite Airplane Third Eye Chakra Earrings

Genuine Malachite Crystal healing Earrings

Moss Agate Crystal Healing Moon Earrings

Rainbow Obsidian Baseball Sports Fan Earrings

Serpentine Reiki Kundalini Energy Earrings

All gemstone dangle earrings can be purchased online while they last. Shop at: 
I Dig Crystals

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wearing a Mix of Healing Crystals

Crystal Healing Necklaces

Hi Sheila, I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I just received the necklace and it's beautiful! I couldn't be happier and I'm so glad I get to take it with me on vacation (thanks to you)! 

Question for you... I purchased an aventurine pendant from you a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if I could keep it on me/with me along with the rhodochrosite/fluorite bracelet and the rhodonite necklace? I don't know if any of those crystals "conflict" with each other or if I should not wear certain crystal combinations together? 

Thanks for all your help!
ANSWER: Hi, I'm glad the rhodonite crystal healing necklace arrived without problems :) Have a great vacation!

Yes, you can keep all the healing crystals together as they are focusing on their own positive energies. If you yourself feel overwhelmed or scattered, then you will know that it is too much for you to handle, in which case, just wear a few healing crystals at a time, but for most people, wearing multiple gemstones is just fine.

Sheila Satin

Crystal Healing Chakra Stackers

Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing Stackers

QUESTION: Hi- I am new to crystals and was referred to you by Michael A. I have been looking at your website, love your pieces for sale as well as appreciate all the FAQ and useful information.

I am curious about your Donut stone stacker and their use.  Are they intended to be used at the same time or individually? I understand they are for use with the chakras and can be used as a necklace also, very cool.

Thank in advance for you help.

Love you website

ps I went looking for your old store front, found out it was a flower store now.  Somehow on line I was still able to find an address for you.  It was a day for adventure, the city was beautiful!

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. Yes, we used to have a storefront, but we find online stores work better for us now :) We now have www.satincrystals.com and for handcrafted selections we have www.idigcrystals.com.

Crystal Healing chakra donut stackers can be used together or separately, depending on what you are doing. Some people like to stack them up together over the chakra, others will place them around the body like a grid. You can also hold them during meditation or string them on a cord to wear them as a necklace.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write me here or you can also visit my blog which has a lot of Q&A's at http://www.idigcrystals.com/blog.

Sheila Satin

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glossy Blue Kyanite Crystal Healing Bracelet

Kyanite crystal healing bracelet

Wear Kyanite to balance the Third Eye chakra, accessing intuition and your true senses. 

Bracelet Description: Natural Kyanite is beaded on gemstone healing bracelet. These are translucent, blue-grey Kyanite gemstones showing a cool metallic shimmer. The gemstones are polished into puffed rectangle beads and strung with round copper accent beads. The gemstone bracelet is beaded on professional beading wire and secured with a copper lobster claw clasp. This Kyanite bracelet can be adjusted from size 6.5"L to 7"L. If you need a longer size, additional rings can be added to the bracelet upon request.

Shop brand new crystal healing strand bracelets at I Dig Crystals. Natural crystals are beaded on these one of a kind healing bracelets. Wear strand bracelets for fashion, crystal healing and reiki energy.

The newest crystal healing bracelets can be found while they last at: 
I Dig Crystals


NEW! Gemstone Stretch Bracelets

Chrysoprase gemstone stretch bracelet

New gemstone healing stretch bracelets are now available on I Dig Crystals. Wear gemstone bracelets for fashion, crystal therapy and reiki energy. Each gemstone bracelet is unique in color and inclusions. Most of the stretch bracelets are one of a kind, so get them while they last!

A few of the new stretch bracelet creations that you will find at I Dig Crystals include:

Bloodstone & Quartz gemstone stretch bracelet

Chrysocolla & Lapis crystal healing bracelet

Jet & Howlite gemstone stretch bracelet

Rainbow Obsidian & Marble crystal healing bracelet

Raw Black Tourmaline stretch bracelet for men and women

These gemstone stretch bracelets and many other crystal healing jewelry creations can be found while available at: 
I Dig Crystals

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rose Quartz Healing Crystals Radiate Love

Rose quartz is a pink quartz healing crystal that symbolizes the embodiment of love. The rose quartz crystal radiates the energy of love, peace and calming energy.

The rose quartz healing crystal can have a powerful, positive impact on our emotions and in resolving relationship problems.

Rose quartz pink reiki pendulum
Essentially the rose quartz healing crystal offers a peaceful and calming sensation that assists with the healing the heart, and by dissolving anger and resentment. 

Many believe rose quartz healing crystals are a source of “goddess” energy and are one of the stones found to represent the essence of feminity.

These healing crystals should help heal old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy that can be traced to past experiences.

Rose quartz crystals have been found in Madagascar, India, Japan, Brazil,  South Africa and South Dakota in the U.S.

The stones' colors range from very pale to deep pink.

Rose quartz healing crystals can be translucent or transparent, although many pieces are opaque. All varieties possess excellent healing qualities.

I Dig Crystals