Friday, June 8, 2012

Can we share crystals?

Jasper Merkaba Pendant

Question: Hello!I Recently Contacted You About Tiger Eye Chakra Wands :-)
I Actually Had Another Question. I Just Ordered Two Merkabas From Your Satin Crystals Website (Jade And Moonstone) Is It Okay To Share The Merkabas Between My Fiancé And I Or Should We Each Have Our Own???

Thank You For Your Time...Love & Light.

Answer: Hi, thanks for your email. If you are both doing energy healing work with the merkabas, it is best to have your own. However, if you are just using them for decoration or aesthetics, you can share them. If you want to do merkaba meditations, crystal healing or reiki with the stones, we highly suggest you keep your stones to yourself! If you do want to share, please remember to clean, charge and program/de-program them when handing them over to the next person!

As for your tigers eye wands, our vendor said they are in the process of creating more wands, so I will keep you informed as soon as I hear from them!

Sheila Satin

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