Monday, May 21, 2012

Black Bracelets for Protection

Question: hey i just got a crystal healing wand and am starting to use it on my dad's kidneys cause he has kidney stones. what other kinds of bracelets can i use to protect myself when using it? ive been using it as a pain reliever so i turn the wand counter clockwise to get rid of the pain and its been quite successful. thank you so much i love your videos. many blessings from southern california /mexico.

Answer: Hi, thank you for writing to us. We highly recommend Obsidian when doing healing work. Obsidian is a great crystal to help protect yourself from the unwanted energies of your clients. Stretch bracelets are easy to wear while working with a wand. Besides Obsidian, you may want to consider Black Tourmaline or Jet bracelets, two other great protective stones. 

For a selection of healing crystal bracelets, we welcome you to visit (Tourmaline and Jet bracelets are on their way up to the online shop, and if you need any custom pieces, just ask!). 

Sheila Satin

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