Monday, April 30, 2012

A Bold Confidence

Malachite Tigers Eye Bracelet

Combine green Malachite and Golden Tigers Eye for a bold confidence. Besides the vivid colors of these crystals, their energies are a boost to your own: Malachite is known as the power stone, releasing past traumas to strengthen the heart to go forward and Tigers Eye is the stone of confidence and courage, working at the Solar Plexus emotional center. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stick them with Crystal Magnets

Lapis Memories Magnets

Stick up those memories with healing crystal magnets. These are silver bottlecap magnets capturing an energy with pictures and stones. Dimensional glaze pops the image and preserves the stones. Use them on your fridge or any metallic surface!

Friendship Cat Magnet Set

San Francisco Magnet Set

NEW! Chakra Sets

Chakra Magnet Set

Keep your chakras opened and balanced. Two new sets have been created to help in chakra balancing. If you need a refresher on the chakra energies, read our Chakra Tutorial on I Dig Crystals!

Chakra Gem Elixir Set

Natural Stone Keychains

Shiva Lingam Keychain & Chalcedony Buddha Keychain

Carry healing crystals with your keys. These are unique stones hung on sturdy key rings. Each is unique, so first come first served!

New healing crystal keychains include: 

Smoky Quartz Keychain, Black Onyx Keychain

Blue Aventurine Keychain, Bloodstone Keychain, Carnelian Keychain

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stick a Pin on It

An assortment of new brooches

A selection of new healing crystal pins can now be found on I Dig Crystals. Wear these as art jewelry. Brooches can be pinned to clothing, ties, bags and anywhere else you stick a pin on!

Genuine Agate Slab Pin

Red Plume Agate Stone Pin

Fluorite Ant Bottlecap Brooch

Jasper Healing Crystal Pin

Dalmatian Jasper Brooch

Vibrating with Energy

Tuning forks for chakra balancing

Add vibrations to your healing crystals with professional tuning forks. Vibrational therapy helps your energy body better balance the crystal's energies, whether you are using chakra plates, stone slabs or tumbled stones.



Sophistication with Stone Stick Pins

Lapis Stick Pin & Malachite Stick Pin

Stick pins add sophistication to your formals, whether pinning them to your collar, blouse, pocket or tie. I Dig Crystals has two new stone stick pins - green banded malachite and a deep blue lapis. These are set on silver plated pins, secured with rounded caps.   


Mysterious Forest Night

Bloodstone Healing Crystal Ring

Dark green "indian bloodstone" is featured in this silver wire ring. Bloodstone helps circulation, retaining wealth and increasing courage. This is an adjustable and tall ring for those who enjoy making a crystal healing statement! 

This Bloodstone ring was featured in the "mysterious forest night" etsy treasury with other creative artists: 

Monday, April 16, 2012

NEW! Crystal Donut Wire Wrapped Rings

Spotted Jasper Wire Wrapped Rings

A new batch of crystal healing wire wrapped rings are now up online at I Dig Crystals. The natural stone donuts are wrapped in colored wires and are all one-of-kind. A few of the new creations are: 

Amethyst Wire Wrapped Ring

Aventurine Wire Wrapped Rings

Carnelian Wire Wrapped Rings

Moss Agate Wire Wrapped Rings

Clear Quartz Wire Wrapped Rings

Variscite Wire Wrapped Ring

10,000 pennies of Citrine

Citrine, a yellow Quartz, is best known as the "Merchant's stone". Place it where you have cash - your wallet, cash box, safe to make sure there is always a flow! Keep in mind that cash flow means that it has to also be spent to come in!

Here are some Citrine Laughing Buddha Gods and Citrine Kwan Yin Goddess that my mom photographed after I asked her to compare size next to penny. Instead she sent me a picture of the Citrine figurines with 10,000 pennies! 

Watch for these beautiful Citrine figurines to be made into pendants in the near future!


NEW! Stone Cuff Links

Yellow Jasper Spiral Cuff Links

Enjoy new, one of a kind, stone cuff links at I Dig Crystals. You will find wire wrapped donuts, resin stars and spinning snowflakes! Wear them proudly on your french cuffs and give to family and friends as healing gifts.

Here are a few of the new cuff links now online: 

Bloodstone Button Gold Plated Cuff Links

Purple Chalcedony Cuff Links

Coral Fossil Gold Plated Cuff Links

Spotted Jasper Silver Tongue Cuff Links

Spotted Pink Jasper Snowflake Cuff Links

Mahogany Obsidian Star Silver Cuff Links

Rainbow Shell Rhodium Silver Cuff Links

Amethyst Wedding Necklaces

Amethyst Branch Necklace

My little sister is getting married this summer, and asked me to make the bridal party some healing Amethyst crystal necklaces. I made her three designs to choose from. Since she could not choose between them, they will all be featured in her wedding this summer!

Amethyst 3-Drop Neckalce

Amethyst Wrapped Necklace

NEW Quartz Family Pendulums

Rose Quartz Pink Chain Pendulum

A new batch of pendulums are up at I Dig Crystals. These are all one-of-kind, so first come first served! These hang with stones from the Quartz Family: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and purple Amethyst. 

Quartz Rudraksha Seed Pendulum

Quartz Kukui Seed Pendulum

Quartz Wood Skull Pendulum
Chevron Amethyst Jasper Donut Pendulum

One More Rainy Day Treasury

The romanticism of rainy days is captured in the gray Calcite and blue Sodalite stretch bracelet found on I Dig Crystals. The stone bracelet was also featured in the Etsy Treasury "One more rainy day" as seen above.

I Dig Crystals

Selenite Giraffes

Selenite Giraffe Crystals

Giraffes represent Gracefulness in action. Above are iridescent orange Selenite that have been carved into giraffe figurines. These figurines can stand on their own. Hold one in each hand to seal the aura of energy leaks and charge your personal space. Selenite is a soft stone, so make sure to keep it away from water!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Natural Slices of Amethyst

Natural Amethyst Slice Earrings

Natural Amethyst provides a spiritual energy, increasing vibrations, aiding in the meditative state and helps in all things having to do with the head - headaches, insomnia, nightmares, addictions. Amethyst forms in large geodes as purple points after a white Quartz base. You may also see red iron inclusions in the stone. Here are some natural slices of Amethyst Geode to wear as jewelry and use for healing:

Amethyst Fan Pendant

Amethyst Cylinder Pendant

Amethyst Chakra Plate

I Dig Crystals

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dyed vs Un-dyed Rose Quartz

Natural Rose Quartz Beads

Often times, natural Rose Quartz has a light pink tint. To bring out a deeper color, it is sometimes dyed. Sometimes you can tell if the stone has been dyed by its consistent coloring and by pools of color found in the opening of the bead or any cracks and veins. Sometimes you will not be able to tell unless your vendor is knowledgeable in the matter. For higher quality Rose Quartz like Madagascar Rose, the crystal may be naturally a deep pink color.

At I Dig Crystals we always disclose whether stones have been dyed, to the best of our knowledge!

Natural Rose Quartz vs Dyed Rose Quartz