Friday, March 2, 2012

Showering with Crystals

Question: Hi, I am a crystal user. I have a white, or see thru crystal which I bought last summer. I only have one question about it. I have it around my neck all day, everyday. So, I shower my self with the crystal still around my neck. My question is, is it bad for the crystals energy or programing to shower with it? Because when it touches water doesn´t it deprogramming it self? Thanks.

Answer: Thank you for writing to us.  Showering with a crystal will not automatically deprogram it. Programming and reprogramming requires your mental intention, just water alone does not have the same effect.  Therefore, it is okay to shower with the stone.  For complete information about cleaning, charging, and programming please watch our video tutorials that can be found here:

Please note, however, that certain crystals are not meant to be in water for extended amounts of time. Selenite, Angelite, and other soft crystals will lose their luster and eventually begin to dissolve.  If there is silver or metal, that may become tarnished if exposed to water multiple times.

Sheila Satin
I Dig Crystals