Thursday, March 22, 2012

Self-Cleaning Crystals

Amethyst Charger Cluster

Question: Could you please tell me which crystals do not require cleaning/charging.  Thanks.

Answer: Hi, as you know, most stones need to be cleaned and charged regularly.  However, some crystals are self cleansing.  These include Rainbow Obsidian and Citrine.  There are also certain formations that do not need to be charged, because they themselves are chargers for smaller stones.  Large clusters, geodes, and selenite logs do not need to be charged.  Bowls and cups also do not need to be charged if you are using them as chargers.

Although these crystals do not need to be charged, we still recommend cleaning them once in awhile.  Larger crystals can be easily cleaned with sage or incense:

You can conveniently clean them by waving the sage smoke over them while you are cleaning your other stones.  Of course, positive intention is the most important part of the entire cleaning-charging-programming process.

Hope that helps! 

Lisa Satin