Monday, March 19, 2012

Meaning of Lost Crystals

Aventurine Ganesh Necklace

Question:  I wanted to ask you, do you think it means anything when you lose a crystal?  I've read that some people think it means you don't need that crystal anymore at that time...but i'm also pretty disorganized so i thought that could be it too :)  My rhodochrosite and aventurine Ganesh are misplaced/lost.

Answer:  There are different interpretations on what it means when you lose a crystal so you will have to choose the one that fits for you! Yes, many people say it is that you no longer need that crystals energies, but it will be found when you need it again. Others say that the crystal was overloaded and needs a rest from absorbing too much of the particular energy you are trying to heal. It is the Same idea of why crystals break when you don't clean them regularly. In this case you may want to have a bigger size in the stone or backups!

Sheila Satin