Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blue stones for Communication

Blue Stones for the Throat Chakra

Question: Hello. My son has been having issues controlling his anger and focusing in school.

He recently tried to run away saying he wanted to get away from everyone because nobody listens to him and nobody cares about him, all of which is not true! 

We care about him and love him very much!!! What would you suggest for this situation, spiritual bath? Candles? Crystals?

We are getting him a counselor for his misbehavior but they only suggest drugs and we are only interested in natural remedies. Please help with any info you can THANKS in advance.  

Answer: Thank you for writing to us.   Childhood can be a rough time, and the feelings he has are justified and valid in his own mind.

It sounds like there are communication issues.   Crystals for the throat chakra can benefit everyone involved.  Throat chakra crystals are light blue, such as kyanite, angelite, blue agate, hemimorphite.   These stones can help with peaceful understanding and expression.   Many people like to wear crystal necklaces (or cords with pendants) when working on the throat chakra because the stone falls right over the chakra.

For studying and focus, fluorite is a clear contender.  It has specific energies to help on concentration and focus, for school or work.  Smaller stones can be carried around or a larger piece can be placed near his desk.

Your son may even be open to crystals and "rocks", as most children are.  He may like to select his own, or be interested in learning more from you.  If not, you can discretely place them around the house.

Cleansing energy with candles, sage, and other tools will help clear out the negative energy.  We have smudge sticks available if you need.  Light the bundle and go to each corner of the house, releasing the negative energy and instilling positive intentions.

Thank you again and please email us if you need more assistance.

Lisa Satin

I Dig Crystals