Friday, March 16, 2012

Beading Wire Secures Bracelets

Question: Hi, I really loved looking through your website.  You make a lot of beautiful things.
Could you tell me what the stones are strung on for the below bracelet?   Is it flexible?  How pink are the stones?  Quartz Bracelet 11 Clasp Rose Tourmaline Pink Crystal Healing Stone 7.8"
Thanks so much.

Answer: Hi, thank you for your email and interest in I dig Crystals bracelets. Yes, this bracelet is flexible. All of the clasp bracelets are strung on beading wire:
Top-rated Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire is strong, flexible, kink-resistant and easy to knot and crimp. Accu-Flex beading wire utilizes an advanced wire-bundling technology, resulting in increased strength and durability, while still maintaining flexibility for a nice drape.

The Rose Quartz is a little shade bolder than pale pink. These are natural stones, not dyed.

If you need any other information about this or any other piece, please let me know!

Sheila Satin